In the Spotlight: FATbit Weighs in as Major eCommerce Solutions Company

Spotlight: How Ecommerce Solutions Company FATbit Has Evolved with the Changes in the Tech Industry

It takes a lot of creativity and innovation to last for more than a decade in the tech industry. As a result, a ton of companies have come and gone in the industry over the past several years. However, FATbit isn’t one of them.

Instead, the company has been able to evolve with the needs of businesses and customers. The company is leveraging current trends and staying relevant in the industry. For example, many of their offerings deal with online marketplaces and the sharing economy. To learn more about this company and its unique tech offerings, read on for this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Creates technology solutions for online marketplaces.

The team works with both B2B and B2C clients. Because the tech industry has changed so much in recent years, they stay current with trends to evolve their solutions. Right now, they’re focused mainly on online marketplaces and sharing economy solutions.

Senior Marketing Analyst Ankush Mahajan told Small Business Trends, “Our solutions are focused at: online selling, renting, hiring professionals, travel/fun activities, online food and grocery ordering, cabs booking, online education and other popular business models which will keep growing in the future.”

Business Niche

Building popular ecommerce solutions.

Mahajan says, “We have developed a wide array of ecommerce products, out of which, YoKart, an ecommerce marketplace solution. And YoYumm, a food ordering marketplace solution, are most popular.”

How the Business Got Started

Out of a brand new need.

Mahajan explains, “More than 15 years ago, when Internet and ecommerce had recently become the talk of the town, demand for custom web solutions was high and experienced web solutions provider were scarce. FATbit was born out of this necessity.”

Biggest Win

Working with a very large brewery.

Mahajan adds, “It was a project to streamline their distribution process using the web and mobile applications. It started when a renowned business consulting company was looking for an IT vendor to deliver web and mobile applications for their client. FATbit worked meticulously with the client and presented a solution. It gave us the confidence and the room to play around with new ideas.”

Biggest Risk

Restructuring the entire team.

Mahajan says, “Before 2008, we had 4 different offices. Due to fractured leadership, a split in the company happened and our team size went down from 50 to 16. The 16 who remained with the company were mostly hardworking and motivated people. In 2008, our biggest office was set up in Mohali, and the Founder/CEO, Manish Bhalla, moved to this city. We kept growing steadily since then and now have a strong team of more than 90 professionals delivering digital solutions to clientele spread across 70 countries.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing and training the team.

Mahajan explains, “Today, technical skills are the most valued asset any organization can have. We would invest this money to bring better skills and souls at FATbit.”

Team Motto

Always have fun.

Mahajan says, “FATbit believes in working hard and partying harder. We keep organizing fun activities, parties, and trips to beautiful destinations. This gives employees the motivation to work and something to look forward.”

Spotlight: How Ecommerce Solutions Company FATbit Has Evolved with the Changes in the Tech Industry

Favorite Memory

Welcoming a new employee.

Mahajan says, “FATbit team takes pride in celebrating even the smallest joys and biggest achievements together. We gave our 100th employee a surprise welcome with the whole office decked up and a special dance prepared to welcome her into the FATbit family.”

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