The Power of Testimonial Videos for Amazon Product Pages

The Impact of Ecommerce Testimonial Videos

If you’re not including testimonial videos on your ecommerce product pages, especially on Amazon, you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

Small Business Trends caught up with Frank Morelli of at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference in New York City’s Times Square. Morelli is an Account Executive with, an influencer marketing platform that helps ecommerce businesses integrate video content from influencers right on their shopping and product pages. The company also has a special relationship with Amazon that could help small businesses selling on the huge ecommerce site.

During the conversation, Morelli shared some thoughts about the importance of using video content on product pages, and how using video from influencers can be a great way to set your brand apart.

The Impact of Ecommerce Testimonial Videos

He said, “It’s a lot easier to connect with someone who’s just like you and I and who has built a following from the ground up than it is to connect with a brand who’s this huge household name and you’re not sure if you trust their word or not.”

Of course, a lot of businesses already understand the power of using influencer marketing in their social media or content marketing strategies. But focuses more on integrating that content into actual ecommerce stores. This is a concept that you can apply to your own hosted website or even popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon. In fact, is a programming partner with Amazon. So the company can help brands get video content from influencers up on product pages easily.

Basically, having video content that explains something about the product and offers a third party’s perspective about it can help convince some of those potential buyers who might be on the fence about hitting that buy button. Video is already a very popular format for online marketers. But using it in this way can help businesses impact the opinions of the people who are really close to making a purchase.

Morelli said, “Video in general is an extremely important process in terms of educating consumers. And when you’re able to place video on a product page it kind of completes that cycle. And when you’re working with influencers on different social platforms it’s kind of providing a content story for them as they’re going through that purchase funnel.”

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