Mastering the Art of Sales Funnels

In this latest episode of Small Biz in :15, Brian Hawkins, the marketing manager at Ghost Bed, provides illuminating insights on the concept and efficient utilization of sales funnels. Ghost Bed is renowned for its adept use of sales funnels in driving its marketing campaigns and business success.

Understanding the Sales Funnel: Brian Hawkins’ Definition

According to Hawkins, “A sales funnel is, you know, you’re trying to get a home run, but you bat singles, you don’t try to go for the sale right away. You only have to focus on batting singles and providing value.” He explains that sales funnels aren’t about aggressive selling, but rather about delivering value to potential customers. Hawkins sees the process of sales funnel creation as building a sequence of personalized experiences that add value.

Personalized Experience and Value Addition in Sales Funnel

In Hawkins’ view, the key to a successful sales funnel is to establish a sequence of experiences that personally engage and add value for potential customers. He suggested, “give them a meatball, give them something of value to be able to connect with, give some kind of case study success, some kind of pain point.”

To establish a relationship with a potential customer, the marketer must first provide something of value. He or she should offer valuable articles or publications, third-party endorsements, or other shareable assets.

Setting up a Successful Sales Funnel

When asked how to set up a sales funnel, Hawkins stressed the importance of understanding your customer, knowing your customer journey, and connecting with them throughout that journey. He mentioned, “You know your customer best, you know it better than the agency.” This customer knowledge can be utilized in setting up an effective sales funnel.

Personalization and Storytelling: Key Components of a Sales Funnel

One of the key takeaways from Hawkins’ presentation was the critical role that personalization and storytelling play in sales funnels. For instance, he spoke about the success of a Black Friday SMS campaign that used a personalized approach. The campaign was framed as a message from the fifth-generation owner of the business, asking customers why they hadn’t made a purchase.

Sales Funnels as a Source of Customer Insight

The sales funnel isn’t just a method of selling; it’s also an invaluable tool for learning about your customers. Hawkins noted that every time a customer lands on a certain page of your website, “that’s a checkbox,” a piece of data that can provide insight into the customer’s interests, industry, pain points, or geographic region.

To sum up, a sales funnel isn’t just about selling; it’s about building relationships, offering value, and gaining insights about your customers. The process may require some initial work, but with a well-designed sales funnel, you’re not just aiming for immediate sales; you’re batting for singles and setting the stage for a home run.

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