10 Tips for Creating an Effective Small Business Brand Experience

effective small business brand experience

Your company’s branding encompasses so many elements, from your logo design to the voice used in marketing materials. Members of the online small business community have experience creating attention-grabbing yet consistent brand experiences. Learn how to do the same for your company below.

Design Your Logo with These Trends in Mind

The logo is one of the first things people generally notice about a brand. So make yours a good one. The trends in this Crowdspring post by Rizza DC can help you design a logo that appeals to today’s consumers. Once you’ve read the post, head over to BizSugar to see members’ reactions.

Learn the Principles of Logo Design

However, logo design isn’t just about utilizing current trends. You also need to understand the elements that create an effective, long-term branding design. In this Pixel Productions post, James Daniels goes over the ten principles of logo design.

Improve Your Plain Language Writing

Designing a brand isn’t just about visuals. You also need to create a brand voice, which is consistent throughout your written content. Writing in plain language is often beneficial for appealing to a wide audience. And David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services shares tips here.

Bolster Website Success for Your Small Business

Consistent branding and design elements can help your business website effectively communicate with customers. In fact, there are several elements that contribute to online success. In this Small Biz Tipster post, Lisa Sicard dives into several website improvement options.

Consider These Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest is an incredibly visual platform. So the right design elements can help your content stand out. In this Blogging Wizard post, Adam Connell shares statistics that can help businesses make the most of the platform. And BizSugar members chimed in here.

Determine Your Target Market Vs. Target Audience

In order to design the perfect brand, you need to understand exactly who you’re designing for. Target market and target audience are two terms often used to describe this group. And though they’re sometimes used interchangeably, there are some key differences to know. Chandraveer Singh elaborates in this post.

Find Customers Online

You also need to actually find where your target customers are online in order to get your branding messages across. This looks different for various businesses. But Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers offers some universal tips here.

Consider the Customer Experience in Your Branding Efforts

The customer experience should be a main consideration in every decision your company makes – including branding. For a guide on what the customer experience is and why it’s so important, read this MarTech post by Corey Patterson.

Choose the Right Custom Software Development Team for Your Small Business

If your business uses or produces software, the design of your programs can also impact your brand. If you don’t have an in-house development team, choosing the right professionals can help your projects succeed. Ivan Widjaya of BizEpic details how in this post.

Design the Perfect Business Cards

Your branding design should also extend to physical materials – like business cards. You may hand these out at trade shows, client meetings, or just in your daily life. And the perfect design can help you make a positive impression. See tips in this Small Biz Viewpoints post by Harry and Sally Vaishnav. Then read commentary from the BizSugar community here.

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