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Electrical apps can help you grow your business. They can help you streamline your workflows, and increase your sales and profits at the same time.

Following are 14 of the best apps for electricians. This list includes everything from excellent reference manuals to products that will help you invoice and balance the books. Get a good balance of the features offered here and your business will thrive.

What are Electrical Apps?

This kind of electrical software is best when it fits on a mobile device. An all-in-one system can make specific calculations right on the job site. The best make your work more streamlined and efficient.

What’s on the following list works well on tablets, laptops, and PCs too.

Electrician App Benefits

Here are five other benefits to these electrician apps.  

Stay Organized and Productive  

Good products have project management tools that can help your electrical business stay profitable. These apps can do everything from rescheduling the team member’s work to keeping all of your project notes in one area. There’s an important business admin side to a great app.

See who is working on what just by looking at your phone.

Manage Projects Efficiently

The best apps for electricians contain a guide and other reference materials. Get measurement conversions and access project drawings in the field. That way you can reduce operating costs And stay compliant with codes and regulations.

Communicate in Real-Time

A good app includes the ability to share documents. And instant messages to solve issues. Staying in touch with your field staff is important to customer satisfaction.

Keep The Cash Flowing

A good cloud-based platform will have an easy-to-use format allowing for both estimates and invoicing. Look for Quickbooks support.

Be More Accurate

Apps for Android devices have a technical side. Mobile apps that have power conversion features and wire size recommendations provide excellent results. Look for formulas and a host of calculations you make in the field. That’s why you need to focus on a mobile app.

Best Reference Apps for Electricians

Quick reference tools are important for electricians. The best apps help them make calculations, offer interactive tables, and get other critical info right from their mobile phone. It’s like having a technical library right at your fingertips. You need to stay on top of electrical codes and standards. They include these from the National Fire Protection Association.

1. Master Electrician Reference Materials

This electrician service app is available at the Google Play store. The Master Electrician Reference (MER) is a replacement for a pocket reference book.

The app is divided into different sections including ones on electrical formulas and conductor properties.

A good deal as far as useful apps go at $9.99.

2. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

This one contains over 3600 electrical engineering terms. As well as formulas, calculators, and equations. There’s even a quiz feature and laws and theorem section. Another handy reference guide that serious people in this trade can’t do without.

3. Electrical Calculations LITE

Complex calculations including voltage drop are included. In-app purchases range from $1.49 to $14.99 per item.

The full version includes calculations, conversions, and pinouts.

5. Electrical Calc Elite

An electrical calculator based on National Electric Codes. Figure out wires sizes and voltage drop numbers. Other formulas are included in this one.

Another one of the best electrician apps for conduit sizing and other calculations.

The cost is $19.99 and it is NEC compliant.

7. Electrodoc Pro

This is a good product for electricians looking for something simple that has reference material and tools they can use.

It’s available at the Google Play store for all of your devices. Plus it’s reasonably priced at $4.99. This one works with both ios and Android.

Best Business Electrician Apps

Your entire business as an electrician needs a variety of different apps. The business versions look after the day-to-day operations so you can concentrate on the trade.

8. Quickbooks Accounting Software

An electrician business is like any other — you need a cash flow, to invoice, pay people, and get paid. Others have codes and formulas while supplying interactive graphs and electrical terminology.

This one looks after the money end. Get invoice management tools, expense tracking, and more.

This Android app requires the 4.1 version or later.

9. Pro Certs

This company has been offering electrician service apps since 2011. Get certification software on both Android and iOS devices. Get great selection of power calculator products and specialized devices. All with cloud storage.

10. Joist

There’s a free version. Great for those in the electrical industry who want to send invoices. Quickbooks syncing with the free versions. There are fees for accepting payments through the app.

11. Workiz

This is a great app for electricians who need to collect invoices on the fly. They have excellent reviews on Software Advice and more than 10,000 customers. Workiz has some of the lowest rates in the field starting at 2.69% for fixed payment processing rates.

Handy Mobile Apps for Electrical Contractors

Handy apps make day-to-day life easier in the trades. Like ones with visual examples and video tutorials for reference. Maybe even other vital features for working in dark spaces like a torch or a digital compass. A good electrician service app covers a few different bases. And they do more than just make electrical calculations.

12. Home Depot Pro App

It’s no surprise the first handy app on this list is from a name you know if you’re handy. Not sure what a piece of electrical equipment is called when you need to order it? Snap a pic and let the Image Search feature find it.

The product locator makes this one of the best electrician apps when you need to know where to get a frequency converter. This tool leads you to the right aisle when you need a professional emf meter right away.

13. ServiceTitan Mobile

This one works on both iOS and Android but a free subscription is required. Get dispatching, scheduling, and call booking in the same place. It’s always good to have these features in the palm of your hand. This kind of tech makes scaling your business up a breeze.

iCloud sync is available.

14. SkyCADElectrical

There’s no training required with this electrical schematic software that looks after diagrams and electrical calculations. Great features here include automated numbering. This is a high-end electrician service tool that would be compatible with a master electrician reference app.

It’s a handy app to get the job done right the first time.

How to Choose the Best Electrician App for Your Business

Maybe you’re looking for a paid app or free version. Is a voltage divider at the top of the list? Regardless of the features, you need in the best electrician apps, here are some tips to get you started.

Look for Professionalism

Apps for electricians need to handle calculations. The standard measurement range in this trade is done in Volts, Amperes, and Ohms. Make sure the app you choose has specific tools for your trade.

Look For A Practical App

Like one that can show you files and docs in CSV or PNG format. Electrician service apps need to do other practical things like scheduling and sending invoices. They need to handle the administrative sides of things too.

Look For User Friendliness

A good electrician service app needs to be easy to use on the job site or in the office. You don’t want to sacrifice the features like a scale level chart and a good frequency converter. But it should adapt to different screen sizes too.

Make sure it’s either an ios app or one designed for Android.

Look For An All In One App

Package deals are important when you’re looking for the best product. Look for converters, calculators, and formulas in one place. Add in a security feature when you can like an app that picks up on other radio frequencies. Those catch trackers.

One of the industry leaders in this space is Ugly’s Electrical References. This one has been the standard for years. The app is updated on a regular basis so people working in the trade will get current information.

What is the best electrician app?

ServiceTitanMobile is the best all-around choice for electricians. You can’t argue with 100,000 service experts who use it.

  • Expenses and purchase orders are processed quickly.
  • Job histories are included
  • There’s even a route optimizer to get you to the project quickly and efficiently.

Some people in the trades might want to have two favorites. And add the standard Ugly’s Electrical References.

What are the best free apps for electricians?

Free apps fill in when you need quick calculations, references, or invoices. Here are a few of the choices that have a free subscription. Some of these have paid options after that and add ons you’ll need to pay for.

Mobile Electrician

There’s a free version on Google Play that has ads. Still, this is a good reference product with lots of calculations and conversions.

Another good app that you can download for free is Dewalt Mobile Pro. You get integrated materials and plenty of add ons you can purchase.

Finally, remember being an electrician is only one way to help other people out. If you’re interested in other service business ideas, check this out.

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