30 Elementor Templates for Your Business Website

elementor templates for your website

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Elementor templates are versatile. Be it building a new WordPress website or revamping your existing one, Elementor templates can save you both – time and money. But picking the right template for your business website can be confusing sometimes as you have thousands of free and premium options. And you don’t know where to start.

In this article, we are going to explore the best free and pro Elementor templates to help you choose the perfect template for your website. Let’s dive in:

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a free WordPress drag and drop editor, enabling you to create amazing WordPress websites without hiring a professional web designer.

This live frontend editor helps you create an amazing layout visually and design your website live without going between the editor and preview mode.

The key features of Elementor include but are not limited to:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Free designer templates
  • 90+ widgets
  • Responsive editing

The core Elementor plugin is free to use. Web designers can explore Elementor Pro that comes with advanced features, such as custom CSS, live visual form design, flexible posts, and portfolio widgets, etc.

What’s more, you can also use this popular page builder to create parallax scrolling. In terms of ease of use, only a few page builder plugins come close to Elementor. If you face any issues, there are tons of articles on the web to help you out.

What are Elementor Templates?

Elementor templates are premade page templates that are created by a team of professional web designers. You can quickly apply these templates to your WordPress theme, saving you time that you will otherwise spend dragging and dropping elements. And a good thing is you can easily find templates for different pages like Home, Contact, Services, Pricing, Landing Page, etc.

Alternatively, you can download site kits, which are a bundle of different Site Part Templates (pages, posts, popups, etc.) required to build complete websites. This means you don’t have to import individual templates separately if you go for a site kit.

Elementor Page Templates Vs Themes for a WordPress Website

Should you use a WordPress theme for your business website? Should you employ Elementor page templates to replace all or some of your WordPress theme to have your custom designs?

Well, it depends. If you want your site to get up and run quickly, a WordPress theme is an option you should explore. But Elementor templates can help you create different designs for different parts of your website without having any coding skills. So Elementor page templates are your go-to tool to customize your website to improve website conversion rate.

Best Elementor Pro Templates

Official Elementor library has a large collection of free and pro templates. But it is not the only place where you can find Elementor templates. Many third-party designers also have created premium Elementor templates for diverse industries.

Here are a few popular Elementor pro templates.

1. Button Interactive

Button Interactive is perhaps the best Elementor template to create websites for graphic design agencies and studios. You can easily customize this layout and showcase a long list of projects in the portfolio section.

You can get access to Button Interactive and other useful templates for just $34.30. The subscription plan also comes with premium support.

2. Alethea

Though Alethea is ideal for building floristry websites, you can also use it for other businesses after a few customizations. This beautiful Elementor kit has many customization options, so you can easily use it to create e commerce websites for your clients.

Aletha is available in CSSIgniter’s Elementorism pack whose subscription starts at $34.30. A paid plan also comes with 24/7 support.

3. Studiex – Perfect for IT Courses

Studiex is perfect for designing landing pages of websites providing courses. You can easily customize this design to make it work for any type of course. And it has enough space to add your content and images to make your website stand out from the crowd. Also, you can add parallax scrolling in this layout with the help of page builder plugin Elementor.

You can buy this template for $7. Alternatively, you can opt for MonsterOne that will cost you $14.95 per month, allowing you to download unlimited items. The layout comes with 6 months of support.

4. Hottrip

Hottrip is a travel agency Elementor kit that offers endless opportunities in customization. This kit comes with six landing pages to provide you with multiple design options. You can also use this kit as a blog page kit to build an awesome travel blog. Its block editor makes it easy to add content and images to the template. What’s more, the kit comes with amazing jet family plugins.

You can buy this template for $14. A single site license of Hottrip also comes with 6 months support. You can download it free under your MosterOne subscription.

5. Pixelate

You can use Pixelate Elementor template kit to design photography and portfolio websites. This template kit comes with 20 templates. So, you can quickly design key page layouts for your website.

Here are important features of Pixelate website kit:

  • Moden, clean design
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Retina ready design

You can download Pixelate portfolio & photography Elementor template kit free if you have a subscription to Envato Elements that starts at $16.50 per month.

6. GoFoodie Template Kit

Are you looking for Elementor templates for building sites for restaurants, cafes, or food centers? If yes, then the GoFoddie template kit will serve your purpose well. This kit includes 10+ predesigned page layouts that you can start using without any difficulty. Though the kit is optimized for the Hello Elementor theme, you can use it with other Elementor-supported themes as well.

Envato Elements members can download the GoFoodie kit for free. You can access Envato Elements’ plan for $16.50 per month.

7. BikePro – WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit

You can use BikePro template kit to build e commerce websites for services or businesses related to bike shop. It comes with 12 page layouts with a modern design. Also, the kit is fully customizable and comes with a responsive design. It also has a blog section that can be used to shar useful articles. This kit is built with Elementor Hello theme.

You can download a regular license of this kit for $24. Zip file includes Homepage, About Us, Archive Post, Archive Product, Blog, Contact Us, Error 404, Service, Single Page, Single Post, Single Product, Team.

8. Hair & Beauty Salon

Having fully functional sites have become a must for local business owners. And the hair & beauty salon niche is no exception.

The Hair & Beauty Salon Elementor template can work as more than a starting point when you building websites for salon owners. As you can easily customize this layout, you can pick one of the best header options for the site you’re designing.

You can get a single license of this layout for $9.99. For multiple licenses, you will have to pay $39.99.

9. Katka Template Pack

The Katka Elementor pack provides you with access to 100+ page layouts, including page templates, popup templates, section block templates, and more. And all of these layouts are mobile-friendly and come with unlimited licenses.

You just have to pay $47 to start downloading these layouts. This one-time payment offers you lifetime access.

10.WPKoi Templates

WPkoi is known for offering beautiful WordPress themes, it also has a big collection of free and premium Elementor page templates. The site has layouts for Home, About Us, Contact, and more. Also, you can pick layouts for several industries. You can use these templates on all Elementor themes.

Premium WPKoi templates have extra Elementor page builder elements to help you create beautiful designs. Lifetime access to the WPKoi template starts at $39.

11. Mindori- Elementor Pro Restaurant Templates Kit

Food delivery has become more popular than ever these days. With Mindori- Elementor pro restaurant templates kit you quickly design sites for restaurants offering food delivery. You can apply this kit to all Elementor themes. Mindori comes with 5 page layouts for a chosen topic. This kit is SEO-optimized to improve search visibility. The drag and drop feature of Elementor makes it easy for everyone to customize this kit.

You can buy a one-time usage license of Mindori for $15.

12. Barista Bluegrass Template

As the name suggests Brarista Bluegrass template is well-suited to design sites for cafes. The drag and drop feature of Elementor makes it a breeze to use this layout in any WordPress theme. What’s more, its easy block editor enables you to add content and design without any hassle.

You can get this template and 29 other ready-to-use templates for just $49. The company also offers lifetime support and updates.

13. Creative Agency Template

You can use Creative Agency Template to design beautiful websites for marketing agencies. The template works on all Elementor themes. You can buy a single license of the Creative Agency Template for $9.99. Also, you can buy monthly, yearly, or lifetime access to Templateum to get this layout and many other ready-to-use Elementor pro templates.

14- Betakit – Digital & Marketing Agency Elementor Template Kit

Betakit is a perfect Elementor page builder based template kit to design a website for a marketing team, digital agency, creative agency, or any other corporate website.

Its key features include:

  • Responsive design
  • Fully customizability
  • One-click import
  • Lighting speed

You can buy the regular license of this website kit from ThemeForest for $9.

15- Engirem – Car Repair Template

Engirem is a landing page template well-suited to design websites for car repair businesses. This web design is compatible with all Elementor themes. And you can fully customize it to add your content and designs.

You can also deploy Engirem to change appearance of any WordPress theme used to create website for bike repair business. The single license of this layout will cost you $7. You will also get 6 months of support.

16- Evtro – Conference Event Template Kit

You can deploy Evtro template kit to build meetings, webinars, conference websites. The kit includes over 30 visual layouts ( 10+ Page Layouts, 20+ Block Templates ). This template kit comes with a 100% responsive design.

You can buy this template kit from ThemeForest for $12.

17- Kah – Real Estate Agency Template Kit

You can employ Kah template kit to design websites for real estate agents and agencies. Thanks to drag and drop page builder Elementor, you can easily customize this kit. Using Elementor widgets, you can change the look and feel of the website you create.

You can buy a single license of this template for $7. You will also get 6 months of support.

18- Keylin – Blog & Magazine Template Kit

Keylin is an ideal template kit to design websites based on content such as blogs and magazines. It comes with multiple beautiful blog layouts to help you design amazing blogs. You can use it to build any niche blog site or general news site, the choice is yours. Though the kit is best optimized for the Hello Elementor WordPress theme, it supports most Elementor themes.

You can buy this kit from ThemeForest for $18 (regular license).

Best Free Elementor Templates

If you don’t want to shell out money to buy template kits, you can explore the free option. We have listed down the best Elementor page templates that won’t cost you a penny.

19. Pet Services Template

You can deploy this free Elementor layout to change the appearance of any WordPress theme in the pet niche. This pet template is fully customizable. So adding your content and design won’t be a problem. Also, it is a fully responsive template.

You can download the Pet Services template for free from Astra.

20. An Insurance Homepage

An Insurance Homepage, as the name suggests, is a landing page template for building websites for insurance consultants or brokers. You can fully customize this template and make it work for other professions, such as accountants, lawyers, or business consultants.

This free Elementor landing page layout includes but is not limited to:

  • Header with a call to action
  • Blocks for testimonials
  • Content blocks to let your audience what the website is about
  • Block with mission statements

You can download this landing page layout for free from Elementor Den. And you can use it both personally and professionally to change the look and feel of any WordPress theme.

21. Coffee Shop Home Page Template

Coffee shop home page is a single page layout that you can easily customize. You can use it to change the look and feel of any WordPress theme that supports Elementor. It is a 100% responsive template.

You can use it both personally and professionally. This layout is available at Elebuild to download for free.

22. LearnDash Academy

LearnDash Academy template kit is perfect for creating a course site that uses LearnDash as LSM. This is a fully customizable template. So, you can quickly add your content and design to it. LearnDash is a fully responsive template.

LearnDash is brought to you by Astra. You can check the demo here.

23. Coach Homepage Builder

Are you looking forward to creating a site for someone who is offering coaching service? If your answer is yes, the Coach Homepage builder template will serve your purpose.

Also, you can use this template to create a site for a small business offering a service. The template comes with full customizability. And you can tweak it easily to suit any industry. You can use this layout on any WordPress theme that supports Elementor.

The key highlights of this template include:

  • Header block to introduce coach
  • Video block to present a showreel
  • Image with CTA

You can get Coach Homepage builder for free from Elementor Den.

24. Fitness / Gym Website Template

You can deploy this template for creating beautiful sites for fitness, gym, and health centers. Each block of this layout is properly organized to increase the aesthetic of a site. In the header section, you can showcase the features and facilities of the gym/fitness center. You can use the Fitness/gym website template any way you want as it comes with a CC0 license.

You can fully customize it to your liking, so use it to change the look and feel of your WordPress theme. This layout is available at Elegant Marketplace to download for free.

25. Bread Bakery Template Kit

Do you have to build online presences for bakeries? Bread Bakery template kit will make your task easier. This beautiful kit is mobile optimized and you can easily customize it the way you want. As it has been designed by the team of Elementor, you rest assured about the quality. Also, you will be able to do responsive editing, meaning you can switch to mobile view and tweak the design to optimize it for all devices.

You can download this template for free from the official Elementor library.

26. Local Business Kit

Local Business kit, brought to you by Astra, can help you create online presences for local businesses, including plumbing, drain cleaning and repair, woodworking, etc. A good thing about this kit is you can easily customize it to accommodate your content and creatives. And layouts have multiple call to action buttons to improve website conversion rate. Also, the kit is fully responsive and offers limited typography and color control.

27. Hotel Homepage Template

Hotel Homepage template is perfect for building a home page for a hotel or small business offering similar services.

The key highlights of this layout include:

  • Beautiful header block for large image
  • Block for a promotional video
  • Image gallery for hotel virtual tour
  • Block for copy

You can fully customize this template and use it to change the look and feel of any WordPress theme. This layout has been brought to you by Elementor Den.

28. Handyman Service Template Kit

Handyman service kit, as the name implies, is perfect for creating online presences for small businesses, offering handyman services. The kit has a block where you can showcase services your clients offer. Also, the layout has a blog section that can be used to share useful articles and the latest news to help people.

This kit is fully customizable. And it offers a responsive editing experience. You can download this template from the official Elementor library.

29. Wedding Website Template

This Wedding website template will save you tons of time when you’re going to build online presences for wedding-related businesses. You can use this template to change the look and feel of any WordPress theme that supports Elementor page builder.

This wedding layout has a beautiful design that you can easily customize. What’s more, this layout comes with a responsive design. And the product is supplied with a CC0 license, meaning you can use it any way you want. You can get this wedding layout free from Elegant Marketplace.

30. Restaurant Kit

You can use this Restaurant kit to create online presences for restaurants, cafes, or food joints. You can fully customize it to accommodate your requirements.

This kit includes Home page, About Us page, Contact Us page, Blog post page, 404 page, and more. The kit is fully responsive. So, it will look amazing on devices of all screen sizes. You can get this kit free from WpBuilt.

Where do I Get Elementor Templates?

We have listed here leading websites to get free and premium templates for your business website.

Template Monster

It is a leading place where you can explore a wide range of website templates, plugins, WordPress themes, graphics, and more. The website hosts several Elementor templates and over a hundred Elementor kits to choose from.

With MonsterONE, which costs $7.75 /month, you can download unlimited digital products for your business. Also, MonsterOne entitles you to get reliable support.


CSSIgniter’s Elementorism has a large collection of beautiful Elementor templates. What’s more, the company adds new layouts every month. You can use these templates in unlimited projects. You can get complete access to Elementorism for only $34.30 only.


Astra is one of the popular places to find free and premium Elementor templates. Astra pro starts at $47 per month. A paid plan of Astra provides you with many useful features, such as premium support, complete control over WooCommerce templates, unlimited website usage, and more. Get more details here.


ThemeForest is another popular destination to look for Elementor kits and templates. At present, ThemeForest has over 1400 Elementor kits 1211 Elementor templates. You can buy templates here for as little as $7 per template.

Katka Template Pack

Katka Template Pack can provide you with access to over 135 Elementor templates and several professional Elementor page template kits. You can use these templates both personally and professionally. Also, all of these templates are mobile optimized. Katka pack will cost you $47.

Where can I get free Elementor templates?

Here are the sites where you can get free Elementor templates:

How many templates does Elementor pro have?

Elementor Pro has 300+ templates that include popups, website kits, designer-made page blocks, and landing pages. With a pro plan, you will also get 50+ pro widgets to take your design to the next level.

What are the best Elementor templates for a WooCommerce product page?

The best Elementor templates for a WooCommerce product page include but are not limited to:

  • Kayoo – Woocommerce Elementor Template Kit
  • Darik – Fashion WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit
  • Valentina – WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit
  • Mountana – Bike Shop WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit
  • Colson – Bike WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit

These WooCommerce template kits are available on ThemeForest.

Can I use Elementor without WordPress?

No, you cannot use Elementor without WordPress. Elementor, being a WordPress plugin, require the WordPress environment to function.

How do I download Elementor Pro templates?

Here are simple steps to download Elementor pro templates:

  • Click on the add template from
  • Connect to your Elementor account to access the official Elementor template library
  • Select the template you want to use
  • Insert the template

Once you have inserted the template, you’re all set to customize the page as per your preference.

What happens if you don’t renew Elementor pro?

If you don’t renew Elementor pro, you will not be able to use pro features and you will not get premium updates, support, and security fixes. But pro features you have used in your design will continue to work provided that both free and paid versions of Elementor remain the same.

What is the difference between Astra and Elementor?

The difference between Astra and Elementor is that Astra is a WordPress theme while Elementor is a WordPress page builder. You can install the Astra WordPress theme on your website and use Elementor page builder to customize its pages.

Can I sell Elementor templates?

Yes, you can sell Elementor templates. ThemeForest and Template Monster are good places to sell your Elementor templates or Elementor website kits. Alternatively, you can sell Elementor add ons at CodeCanyon. Joining Elementor Affiliate Program can also be a good option to make money.

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