Elon Musk Hints He Could Start His Own Social Media Network

elon musk hints he could start his own social media

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk is giving ‘serious thought’ to starting a new social media platform.

In a recent tweet, the entrepreneur and business magnate posed the provocative question of whether a new platform is needed?

Elon Musk Hints He Could Start His Own Social Media Network

Responding to a Twitter user’s question to Musk about whether he would consider building a social media platform to prioritize free speech, the entrepreneur added fuel to the speculation, by replying: “Am giving serious thought to this.”

What might remain speculation for now reiterates the motivating business spirit of Elon Musk, who is never afraid to branch out into new domains and diversify.

Learn Invaluable Lessons from Musk

From the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket to plans to create a colony on Mars, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn invaluable lessons from the business magnate’s inspiring story.

One attribute that drives Musk’s success is his ability to think outside the box. The Tesla Chief Executive’s projects are always original and unexpected and show a unique capacity for creativity. Musk’s success confirms the importance of thinking outside the box and offering innovative services or products.

Rise of Alternative Social Networks

Though Musk’s latest, albeit speculated, business endeavor, is something small business owners and entrepreneurs might want to explore and consider becoming involved in.

Alternative social media apps, including CloutHUb, MeWe, and others, have been emerging to rival mainstream social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The ‘next-generation’ social network MeWe launched in 2016 has witnessed millions of global lifetime installs and is growing in popularity.

Other alternative social sites include Ello, which, is focused on art, fashion, photography, and culture, is predominantly comparable to Pinterest. Some of the benefits of Ello for small businesses include the fact there are no ads or privacy threats. The social app also boasts collaborative elements, meaning small businesses can collaborate, work, and even hire other creators.

Another increasingly popular alternative social media site that is proving effective for small businesses is Nextdoor. The app connects businesses with users nearby, so they can interact and chat with people in their neighborhood, which can be invaluable for developing an invested customer base.

As well as being inspired by the unrivaled devotion, creativity, innovation, and success of Elon Musk, small business owners and entrepreneurs may want to consider how they can benefit and develop their business through Musk’s latest business venture, alternative social media.

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