10 Email and Content Marketing Tips for Connecting with Customers

email and content marketing

Email and content marketing are both well established strategies for connecting with customers online. Businesses in nearly every industry can benefit. But you may need to tailor these strategies to your specific needs. Here are some tips from members of the online small business community for leveraging content and email marketing.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Your content can only succeed if you have a plan. Some businesses try to just create as they come up with new ideas. But Moss Clement offers tips for creating a successful content strategy in this Rocks Digital post.

Learn These Important Content Marketing Terms

If you’re new to the world of content marketing, you may come across terms that are new to you. Understanding these can help you make the most of all the advice available. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Jodi Harris compiles a list of terms for marketers to know.

Reverse Engineer Successful Content for Guaranteed Traffic

Successful content marketing requires several factors to work seamlessly. Sometimes, it makes the most sense to start from your end goal and work in reverse. Adam Connell of BloggingWizard goes into more detail here. You can also see discussion on the topic over on BizSugar.

Design Your Emails with These Best Practices

Email marketing isn’t just about the words. Design elements like graphics, colors, and images can also make an impact. Michal Leszczynski lists email design best practices in this GetResponse post.

Consider a Marketing Agency for Your Business

If managing emails and content marketing has become too burdensome for your team, it may be worth outsourcing. This SEMRush post by Victoria Liaonenka includes a step-by-step guide for hiring a marketing agency.

Understand These Website Performance Metrics

As you create your content marketing strategy, your website activity is likely to change. Tracking certain metrics can help you improve your strategy in the long term. In this blog post, Neil Patel explains ten top performance metrics that marketers should know.

Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a perfect source of side income, or even a main revenue stream for content creators. But keyword research is essential for making sure your affiliate content is seen by the most relevant people. Adeshokan Shamsudeen of Cybernaira details how in this post. And BizSugar members offered additional thoughts here.

Get Inspired with These Technical Writing Examples

Technical writing can be tricky for those who aren’t used to compiling this type of information. But you can still turn technical subjects into compelling content. This Technical Writer HQ post by Josh Fetcher features eight examples for inspiration.

Write the Perfect Reminder Email

Sometimes, your first email doesn’t get a response right away. The recipient may be busy or unsure of how to get back to you. So a reminder may come in handy. Shannon Gillespie details the steps for writing the perfect reminder email in this MeetFox post.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

The internet can be a huge source of opportunity for entrepreneurs. But it can also provide tons of distractions. To make the most of this amazing tools, including content and email marketing, read this Noobpreneur post by Ivan Widjaya.

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