Business Texts with Emoji Now Welcome by Most – Even Baby Boomers!

Emojis by Generation

Do you hesitate to use emojis in your texts because your consumers may find it unprofessional? Well, you should think again!

According to a survey from Zipwhip, emojis are welcome if used in the right context. Even baby boomers are ok with the businesses who use emoji in an appropriate context.

Being a small business owner, you always strive to make your consumers feel that you care for them. And personalizing communication is one way to do it. You are already using texts to reach customers at the personal level, including emoji in your texts can bring synergy in your communication.

How Different Generations Prefer Communication

We are living in a world where most of us have become a slave to our smartphones. People from every generation, be it the baby boomers or the generation Z, check their smartphones 1-3 times per hour.

Image Source: Zipwhip

With people checking their smartphones so frequently, having a texting communication strategy in place is a winning move for small business owners.

But the question is whether consumers like business texts or not. Of course, they do.

In fact, people from all the generations wish more businesses should use texts to reach them, as found in the survey.

Image Source: Zipwhip

Consumers love to communicate with businesses via texts. And you are not alone in reaching consumers via texts. Your competitors are also doing the same.

85% of baby boomers, 86% of Gen X, 86% of Gen Y, and 71% of Gen Z people have already received a text from a business, as confirmed in the survey.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

A simple solution is to start personalizing your texts with emojis.

Emojis by Generation

Most people from different generations are ok with the use of emojis in an appropriate context.

67% of people from the baby boomer generation like when businesses use emoji in the right context. And Gen Y, also known as millennials, are the most emoji loving generation with 80% of people having no issue with emojis, as confirmed in the survey.

Image Source: Zipwhip

As emojis are accepted among people of all generations, you can start using emojis appropriately to add human intent to your texts.

Here are some benefits you can reap from using emojis in your texts:

  • You can express empathy with emojis
  • Emojis add personalization to your texts
  • You can better connect with your audience
  • Emojis give your business a personality

Though emojis, if used appropriately, help businesses communicate more effectively, you should always use them in the right context and try to avoid crowding your texts with them. Too many emojis in a text can confuse your consumers.

The Survey

The Zipwhip team used Survey Money to conduct the survey. They polled members of the baby boom generation, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z ( with an equal number of responses for each generation). The aim of the survey was to get a better understanding of how the members of different generations like to communicate with businesses. You can access the full survey here.


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