Employee Work Schedule Template: Must-Have Tool for Peak Productivity

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Employers often find it challenging to manage employee schedules, especially in larger organizations. Having a reliable employee work schedule template can help simplify the process and ensure that all staff members are on the same page. In this article, we will explore ten different work schedule templates that can help employers streamline their scheduling practices and improve overall productivity. Let’s get into it!

Can you download a printable work schedule?

Yes, it is possible to download a printable work schedule. Many businesses and organizations offer printable work schedule templates on their websites, which can be downloaded and printed for personal use. There are also numerous websites that offer free or paid printable work schedule templates.

employee work schedule template

Benefits of a Template Work Schedule

Using a template work schedule can have numerous benefits for employers and employees alike. Here are five advantages of printable employee work schedules:

  • Consistency: With a set schedule, employees know exactly when they are expected to work, which can improve attendance and reduce confusion.
  • Efficiency: Scheduling software can automate the process, saving managers time and reducing errors.
  • Flexibility: Template schedules can be customized to meet the needs of different departments, positions, and shifts and can be used in programs like Canva, Excel, or Google Sheets.
  • Productivity: By ensuring that the right people are scheduled at the right times, employee work schedules can maximize productivity.
  • Communication: Regularly sharing the schedule with employees and making changes transparently can improve communication and trust.

10 Fantastic Employee Schedule Template Options You Can Download Today

Finding the right employee schedule template can help simplify the scheduling process and improve overall productivity. Here are ten fantastic options that can be downloaded today to meet the specific needs of your business or organization:

1. Weekly Employee Schedule Template

This Weekly Employee Schedule Template is a digital download consisting of an employee work schedule printable, crew daily working chart, employee timesheet, employee scheduling, staff scheduling, and employee organizer. The weekly work schedule template is fully editable/customizable in Canva and includes peach, pink, sage green, and black colors.

To access and edit/download the files, a free/premium Canva account is required. Once purchased, a download link will be sent via email. The product is for personal use only and cannot be shared with a third party. It is a digital product, and no physical item will be sent, and refunds or exchanges are not entertained.

2. Printable Monthly Work Schedule Template

The Printable Monthly Work Schedule Template is a fully editable Google Doc that allows employees to plan their work schedule for the month. The template comes in .xlsx format for use in Excel and Google Docs and also includes a PDF file for printing purposes.

The product is sold as a digital file only and can be printed as many times as needed for personal use. The seller does not accept returns, but customer support is available. With 77 sales, the product has received five-star ratings from all customers.

3. Weekly Work Schedule Printable

The Weekly Work Schedule Printable is a digital download product in PDF format, designed to help users manage their weekly schedule. The printable PDF template includes a condensed daily layout, a box to fill in the date, and an unstructured notes section.

The product features a Sunday start to the week and is undated. The file can be imported into productivity tools or printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 paper horizontally. This printable is available for instant digital download and is new with only ten sales.

4. Weekly Schedule Template

The Weekly Schedule Template is a digital download tool that helps small business owners, shift managers, store managers, and anyone in need of scheduling staff. It works in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets and automatically generates a dynamic calendar schedule from the list of employee shifts.

Users can easily print the calendar with preset print sizes and enter data through a straightforward method. This tool is designed to streamline the employee scheduling process, reduce stress, and save time.

5. Employee Shift Schedule & More

Tools for Coaches offers a digital download bundle of 78 small business human resource documents and forms in a ZIP file, comprising over 200 pages. The bundle includes an employee handbook, employment agreements and contracts, employment policies, forms and checklists, interview preparation and process documentation, job announcements, letters, and email correspondence.

The documents are designed for small businesses and employment agencies to streamline their hiring and employment operations. The documents are in Microsoft Word and Google Docs formats and are copyrighted, ready to use, and not for resale. However, local laws should be reviewed with a lawyer to ensure compliance.

6. Employee Work Schedule

This is a digital download featuring a minimalist employee work schedule sheet template that is available in both PDF and Google Docs format. The template is designed to track employee schedules with up to 14 rows available and includes a notes section at the bottom.

Users can print the template and fill it in manually or use Adobe Reader to fill in the fields on the PDF version. A Google account or Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access the template. The seller has earned 33,474 sales, mostly with 5-star reviews.

7. Weekly Company Schedule Template

This is a digital download for a Company Weekly Schedule Template that includes an editable Excel document, two schedule templates for daytime and evening-night shifts, and a sample schedule. The template is designed for home care, personal care, senior care, elder care, private/public care facilities, daycare, consulting firms, and service businesses.

It auto-calculates employee hours, tracks billable hours, and covers 24 hours of care. The template can help with efficient care team communication, time management, avoiding double bookings, providing a great overview of weekly operations, and saving files for company records. The seller has received consistent 5-star reviews and has made over 4,900 sales.

8. Employee Training Template

The Employee Training Template is an Excel-based tool designed to help coordinators and managers track employee training plans and projects. The professional and organized spreadsheet includes four main sections including a training calendar.

The user-friendly tool allows for clear employee lists, plans, and data graphs. Informational notes are also included, and no installation is needed as it is ready to use. The Employee Training Template is compatible with both Mac and Windows and works with Excel 2010 and later versions.

9. Event Schedule Template

The Event Schedule Template is a customizable digital file for managing things such as daily meetings, errands, chores, and conferences. It has received mostly 5-star ratings from customers and has been downloaded 190 times.

One customer found it easy to use and another found it helpful for planning a team offsite hour by hour. It is available for purchase at a low price of $2.99.

10. Employee Attendance Tracker

The Employee Attendance Tracker is a digital download that helps to monitor employee attendance, leave, and punctuality. With an easy-to-use interface and customizable attendance codes, the tracker can monitor up to 110 employees and comes with simple instructions to sync Excel to mobile devices.

The purchase includes an Excel template and Google Sheets download instructions, as well as seven spreadsheet tabs and a sample workbook. This product is for personal use only and requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher, or Google Sheets access, which is free. As with most downloadable products, there are no refunds available on this digital download.

How do you create an employee work schedule?

Creating an employee work schedule can seem challenging and overwhelming, but with a few simple steps, it can be a straightforward process. Here are five tips for creating an employee work schedule:

1. Identify Staffing NeedsThis is the first step in creating a work schedule. You need to evaluate your business needs and determine how many employees are required during each shift. This can be based on factors like sales volumes, customer traffic, and the nature of the work to be done.
2. Assign ShiftsAfter identifying staffing needs, you assign shifts to employees. This is usually done by considering employee availability, their preferences, and their skill sets. You should strive for a balance that allows your business to operate efficiently while accommodating employee needs as much as possible.
3. Make AdjustmentsOnce you've assigned the initial shifts, adjustments may be needed. This step involves tweaking the schedule to ensure coverage at all times and to avoid scheduling conflicts. If two employees have requested the same time off, or if someone isn't available for their assigned shift, adjustments will need to be made.
4. Communicate the ScheduleAfter you have created the schedule and made any necessary adjustments, it's time to share the schedule with your employees. This should be done in advance so that employees have ample time to plan and make any necessary changes to their personal schedules. Communication can be done via email, a scheduling app, or a physical bulletin board, among other options.
5. Review and AdjustCreating the schedule is not a one-time task. It requires regular review to ensure that it's meeting the needs of the business and the employees. If the schedule isn't working as planned or if circumstances change (e.g., an employee quits or new business needs arise), adjustments will need to be made. Regularly reviewing and adjusting the schedule ensures that it remains effective and efficient.

Can you download an Excel schedule template?

Yes, there are numerous websites that offer free or paid Excel schedule templates for download. These templates can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business or organization.

Does Microsoft Word feature a printable work schedule template?

Yes, Microsoft Word offers several pre-designed work schedule templates that can be easily customized and printed. These templates can help simplify the scheduling process for managers and employers.

Can you create a work schedule template in Google Docs?

Yes, Google Docs offers several templates that can be used to create a work schedule. These templates can be easily customized and shared with team members, making scheduling a collaborative effort.

Can you download free employee schedule templates?

Yes, there are many websites that offer free employee schedule templates that can be downloaded and customized to meet the needs of your business or organization. These templates can help streamline the scheduling process and improve overall productivity.

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