Spotlight: Pryze Rewards Employees for Staying Off the Phone

Employees Off Their Phones

Today, it seems like everyone is constantly on their phones. And that includes employees at small businesses. However, Pryze wants to help companies eliminate distractions and keep team members stay engaged and happy at work. Learn how the company aims to accomplish this lofty goal in this company’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Helps companies limit cell phone distractions at work.

Co-founder Natalia Micheletti told Small Business Trends, “The Pryze platform uses real-time data, a mobile app and a user success team to limit cell phone distractions at work by motivating employees with rewards.”

Business Niche

Helping both business owners and employees.

Micheletti says, “Employees love us because we give them cool free stuff like TV’s and Airpods and business owners love that we were in their shoes and understand how and what it takes to run a successful small business.”

How the Business Got Started

After a big self-realization.

The owners of Pryze previously ran six quick service restaurants. So the idea for Pryze came from an experience there.

Micheletti adds, “My employee called out on my birthday. I had to leave my birthday dinner and head over to the store to make cookies, sweep, and take out the trash in a mini skirt and 5 inch heels. I was furious! So when I arrived at the store, I spent 3 hours in a row scrolling through social media, not talking to customers and just angry at the world…I could literally see customers walk past as I buried myself deeper into the Happy Birthday posts on my Facebook wall. Then it hit me. WHAT AM I DOING? …I thought to myself, I am the owner and I know how much I need these customers to pay the bills, feed my family, and survive — why can’t or why won’t I put down this phone? If I do it, imagine my employees who don’t care as much as I do.”

Biggest Win

Getting accepted into the Unstuck Labs accelerator program.

Micheletti says, “At that time we were 100% stuck! They taught us everything including how to be awesome all the time. This group has such a diverse background that thru them we have gotten investments, clients, international exposure and life long friends. They really showed us how to work hard so we can play hard.”

Biggest Risk

Putting everything on the line to attend a pitch showcase.

Micheletti explains, “One Thursday evening 4:00pm, the program gets an email about a pitch showcase with over 250 investors in our area. But the deadline to apply was that same day. Unstuck labs founder, Wail Ashshowwaf, looked at me, put down his bags and said let’s do it. We stayed at his office until 10pm finishing all necessary documents for the application. The next day we were approved and were told we had 24 to pay to attend… it was now or never. We used every penny we had even sold our Margaritaville machine to complete the entry price.”

Luckily, the risk paid off. And the team secured an investor the next day.

Lesson Learned

Motivation is key.

Micheletti says, “I would only try to keep my team more motivated along the journey. It can get hard out there in the startup world. But you can control your actions and thoughts and that can make a huge difference.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving and selling the product.

Micheletti says, “Optimizing our platforms to hold more users, ramping up our marketing efforts to help spread the word. It would also allow us to bring on a part-time enterprise sales man or woman!”

Company Mascot

A pug… and a French bulldog.

Micheletti explains, “Our mascot is Peter the Pryze Pug but we have a french bulldog! We dress her up as Peter and she helps with the delivery of prizes and we pet her before meetings for good luck.”

Favorite Quote

“There are no gains without pains.” -Benjamin Franklin.

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Image: Pryze, Natalia Micheletti

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