Get to Be the Real You by Reading “Empowered”


Read “Empowered” and learn how to break through the barriers that are holding you back.


There are few of us who, at some point in our life, have not found ourselves in a rut and unsure of how to move forward.

“Empowered!: How To Change Your Life In Your Coffee Break,” by Anne Mulliner (@Supercoach100), aims to empower us with ability to dispel any doubts and negative thoughts that we may have, and to make the most of any opportunities that are on offer.

Through a series of thought-provoking anecdotes and exercises, the author aims to get us thinking about what is it that makes us act and make the choices that we do, especially if we know that these actions are not serving our best interests.

Our Formative Years

Mulliner discusses how, when growing up, much of what we experience in our early years shapes our persona and the way we behave later on in life.

In general, most of us are unaware or have not given any thought to our early life experiences. We are therefore oblivious to the fact that they may actually be the reason for our lack of self-belief, reluctance to move forward, and our willingness to leave our comfort zone.

In “Empowered” she explains that by understanding what has made us act in the way that we do and by accepting and overcoming any issues that cause us to act in this way, it enables us to take the necessary steps to change our mind-set and move on.

She states:

“Being able to understand your early years and the values and beliefs you created during that time will explain so much about the decisions and options you have taken in your adult life. Yet it is something we typically spend very little time reflecting on and thinking about, especially if it was an unhappy time.”

Do People Know the Real You?

Continuing on, the author describes how many of us fail to be our real self.

This may be because we have trust issues or because we recognize that the perception other people have of us is actually very different from the truth. Therefore, we try to live up to their expectations and act in the way that we think they expect us to act rather than in a natural way.

This can have disastrous consequences.

For example, when we are in trouble or need help, but are seen to be someone who is always capable and without problems, we will often continue to portray these characteristics. This leads those around us into believing that everything is okay when, actually, we are desperately in need of help and support.

In “Empowered” the author advises:

“Presenting the most genuine version of you is vital to being able to live a happy and successful life. Anything that deviates from that will take from you more energy and brainpower than it should.”

Your Personal Brand

It is not just our thoughts, life experiences, and feelings that impact on the way we act and progress in life.

Within the pages of “Empowered” we learn how our body language and clothes, and the pitch and tone of our voice rather than what we actually say, can often play a far greater part in how we are perceived by other people.

The author goes on to give advice on how to use our natural attributes more effectively, and how to present ourselves in the most effectual and appropriate way.

“Understanding how to create the strongest personal brand for yourself that is right for where you want to be can positively affect your career, your relationships, your confidence and your perceived potential.”


I have to confess that psychology has always been a favorite subject of mine. Perhaps this is because I, too, have always been a bit of a people watcher, but this book certainly resonates with me.

If it is possible to change your life in your coffee break is debatable. However, the book has substance and should be of great benefit to those in need of inspiration and techniques to start moving forward and enjoying life once again. If you take the opportunity to read “Empowered,” you will certainly learn much about yourself and why you act in the way you do.

About the Author

Awarded the Executive Coach of the Year in 2011, Anne Mulliner has been studying human behavior for 40 years. She now works as an accredited master coach, behavior specialist and image consultant, working with clients all over the world. For more information about the author, visit her website.

John Blunden John Blunden is a Book Reviewer for Small Business Trends. He is a British writer now living in South Africa where he successfully owned and ran a variety of businesses for several years before deciding to take up his passion for writing.