Best Energy Efficiency Programs to Save Your Business Money

Energy Efficiency Programs that Could Save Your Business Money

Are you trying to make your business more energy efficient? If you’re prepared to invest in some new lighting, HVAC, appliances or renewable energy sources, you could take advantage of rebates, tax breaks or other incentives designed to help you cover the cost. There are programs like this all over the country.

Here are some of the resources available to small businesses in various states and resources.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Programs

Energize Connecticut

This organization aims to increase energy efficiency among businesses by providing free energy assessments, financial incentives and low-interest financing options.

Energize Delaware

Energize Delaware offers access to information about energy efficient options, incentives and opportunities for commercial property owners to make green improvements.

Maine Governor’s Energy Office

The governor’s office provides a list of resources about energy efficiency programs around the state, including grants and other financing opportunities.

Mass Save

This energy company offers rebates and incentives for businesses that upgrade their facilites and equipment to be more energy efficient.

New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initiatives

The state offers a variety of energy efficiency programs for both businesses and residents, including equipment and utility upgrades.

NJ Business Access Center

The state’s business website provides information about a number of products around the state that businesses can use for various upgrades and energy efficient changes.


The state’s Small Business Development Center has a page that’s dedicated to providing small businesses with information about the state’s incentives and educational programs.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

The state’s environmental department has a list of all the official rebate and incentive programs designed to help both home and business owners.

Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

The state of Rhode Island offers a variety of incentives for businesses to make energy efficient switches, from those for electric vehicles to clean building energy.

Efficiency Vermont

This service provider has a tool on its website that you can use to find tailored rebates and offers for your specific type of building.

Midwest Energy Efficiency Programs

Ameren Illinois

An energy provider, Ameren Illinois offers a number of rebates and incentives for commercial customers to make smart changes to cut their energy usage.

Indiana Office of Energy Development

The state government in Indiana provides a variety of tax incentives for small businesses in the state that make energy efficient building changes.

Iowa Utilities Board

This government entity offers links to resources for both business owners and homeowners on a variety of energy efficiency programs.

Kansas Corporation Division

The state’s corporation division has an energy efficiency offering that gives businesses access to a number of options for saving on energy upgrades.

Consumers Energy

In Michigan, this energy company offers a Small Business Energy Efficiency program that includes rebates and other incentives.

Minnesota Commerce Department

The state’s Commerce Department has an Energy Resources Division with information about various rebates and financing opportunities to help businesses pay for smart upgrades.

Ameren Missouri

Customers of this energy provider can take advantage of a number of rebates and financial offerings designed to help businesses cover their energy upgrades.

Nebraska Energy Office

In Nebraska, the state offers tax credits and incentives for businesses that switch to alternative fuels and power sources.

AEP Ohio

This Ohio energy company offers rebates and savings programs for qualified commercial customers that want to invest in energy saving technology.

Focus on Energy

In Wisconsin, this organization partners with utility companies to offer incentives for switching to energy efficient lighting, HVAC and refrigeration.

South Energy Efficiency Programs

Alabama Energy Division

This site provides links to resources and incentive programs for individuals and businesses throughout the state. There are also plenty of tips and best practices.

Entergy Arkansas

This organization provides cash incentives specifically for businesses in the state that want to undertake building efficiency projects.

DC Department of Energy & Environment

For Washington D.C., the city government offers access to a number of energy efficient options for businesses, from incentives for green appliances to energy meters to better understand usage.

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Programs

This Florida state office provides access to information on a number of rebates and incentive opportunities that businesses can use to make positive changes.

Georgia Power

This energy company provides rebates and incentives for commercial customers for everything from water heater installation to lighting.

Kentucky Department of Energy

The state’s Energy Department offers incentives for a number of commercial upgrades, from grants to low-interest financing.

Entergy Louisiana

For customers of this energy provider, you can access tips and financial incentives when you make positive changes that reduce your carbon footprint.

Maryland Energy Administration

The state of Maryland provides information about grants, loans, rebates, and tax incentives for both businesses and homeowners that want to get more energy efficient.

Mississippi Development Authority

For energy incentives in Mississippi, the state offers financial resources to help companies cover some of the upfront costs.

North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

The state of North Carolina offers some of its own financial incentive opportunities for businesses, as well as links to those from other sources throughout the state.


In Oklahoma, this energy company has power calculators and financing options designed to help commercial and industrial customers reduce energy usage.

Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration

The Energy Affairs Administration offers an incentive program for businesses in Puerto Rico that want to switch to renewables.

South Carolina Energy Office

South Carolina has a number of opportunities for businesses to recoup some of the upfront costs associated with energy efficiency, including loans, grants and tax incentives.

Tennessee Energy Efficiency Loan Program

For businesses looking to finance some of their energy efficient upgrades in Tennessee, the state offers some low interest financing options.

Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel

This state-run organization is designed to help both businesses and residents save money on energy. It provides links to a number of incentive programs and resources around the state.

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

This governmental division offers rebates and financial incentives for those looking to switch to renewables or make other positive changes. There’s also a database for finding additional resources throughout the state.

Energy Efficient West Virginia

This website includes a number of resources and links for both businesses and individuals on a number of potential energy upgrades.

West Energy Efficiency Programs

Alaska Energy Authority

This organization provides both homeowners and commercial property owners incentives for making energy efficient building changes.

Arizona Public Service

This energy provider offers incentives, training and solutions for businesses and building owners who are looking to make energy efficient upgrades.

Go Solar California

Specifically for solar power, this site provides resources and access to information about various incentive opportunities around the state.

California Energy Commission

A more general program, this state-run offering provides financing opportunities for businesses looking to cut their energy use.

Colorado Energy Office

This state-run site offers resources for commercial building owners on energy efficient contracting opportunities and incentives.

Hawaii Energy

This online resource encourages energy efficiency for businesses and homeowners with access to rebates and information about opportunities from third parties.

Idaho Energy Code

For both businesses and homeowners in Idaho, this site provides information about rebates, training programs and incentives for building owners.

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

To encourage energy conservation, Montana’s state government provides tax incentives for businesses that make smart energy upgrades.

NV Energy

This energy company offers a commercial energy services program with advisors and resources to help you save on equipment upgrades and other positive changes.

El Paso Electric

Serving parts of Texas and New Mexico, this energy company offers educational programs and other resources designed to help businesses and residents cut their energy usage.

North Dakota Department of Economic Development and Finance

The state offers technical assistance, education, and rebates that are designed to help businesses switch to sustainable energy sources and upgrade their facilities.

Energy Trust

In Washington and Oregon, Energy Trust provides information about incentives, rebates and upgrade opportunities for commercial customers.

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

South Dakota offers a number of incentives for businesses that make energy efficient switches, from tax incentives for geothermal heat pumps to property tax exemptions.

Rocky Mountain Power

In Utah, this utility company has a small business program designed to help customers save time and money on common energy upgrades from renewables to switching out lighting.

Wyoming Economic Development Agency

This business council in Wyoming allocates federal grants and other financial resources for businesses that make efficient switches.

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