Entrepreneurship Tips In The Small Business News

Tips on entrepreneurship can come from anywhere: the Internet, a friend or colleague or even a conversation with someone who knows nothing about your business. Those tips might run the gamut of subject matter from marketing to financing to management to technology. This roundup looks at top tips available online today. Share a few of your own recommendations in the comment section below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Basic Tips

8 Tips for attending business conferences. They are great resources for entrepreneurs, but getting the most from the experience at business conferences is a big part of making these events pay off for you. Lauren Gray shares some tips she uses when trying to squeeze every drop of value out of that next awesome small business conference. Epic Launch

Tips about online sales tax.. If your business model involves online retail sales, it’s important to understand the regulations when it comes to online sales tax. Check out this post to learn more about the rules you must follow to sell your products online. Learn more about collecting sales tax at your online store. Open Forum

Market Research

Sleeping with your customers? No, it’s not what you think, but marketing consultant Martin Lindstrom does suggest that spending time with your customers, including a couple of days in their homes, may yield massive results when it comes to figuring out how to market your next big product. Fast Company


10 great videos for every entrepreneur. From Muhammed Yunus to Steve Jobs, some of the videos in this collection of must-see’s have been around for a while, but the collection is still among the most popular on Inc Magazine Website. Every video is packed with insight and with some new lesson to learn for your entrepreneurial journey. Inc.com

Five steps to great business mentoring. Do you need a mentor in your entrepreneurial adventure? Are you trying to figure out whether you are on the right track and how to proceed with your business venture? Consider these tips for finding a guide to help you move forward with your small business. Have you discovered other ways of finding a mentor in your business? Entrepreneur.com


Running the marathon of your business. How is entrepreneurship like running a marathon? Here is an insight shared by one small business person preparing to compete in the Chicago Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Entrepreneurship is a great challenge just like running a race. What other insights can you offer to help fellow small business leaders cross the finish line.  Angel Business Advisors.


Great innovation comes in small steps. If you are concerned as an entrepreneur about creating the next big thing in your company, maybe you should take a step back. Breakthroughs may not be the huge events we expect them to be and sometimes the greatest innovations come from a whole flurry of small steps forward. Duct Tape Marketing


An entrepreneur’s guide to funding. Fred Wilson, who ought to know a thing or two about financing, shares these ideas about finding the money for your startup. Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need capital to get their next big project up and running. Fred is quick to point this out. For those who do, here’s a simple place to start. A VC

Engineering the lean startup…beginning with board meetings. Investor Brad Feld is sick of board meetings and, worse yet, is convinced they do little for either entrepreneurs or those investing in their companies. How could you reinvent your board meetings…and the rest of what you do…to make your startup more efficient? Feld Thoughts

Human Resources

How to interview for an entrepreneur. Lastly, if you’d like to work for an entrepreneur, here’s a post with some strategies you might consider for the interview. If you are an entrepreneur, this might give you some insight into what could be going through the minds of potential employees. Have anything to add? Contribute a comment below. Working for Wonka

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