70% of Business Owners and Self-Employed Work Past Their Bedtime

When Entrepreneurs Work Past Their Bedtime

Almost three quarters (70%) of self-employed and business owners work past their bedtime. Half of workers in total stay up late, while 1 in 3 are unable to finish work during regular hours.

These work habit statistics were unveiled by research by mattress and sleep products reviewers The Sleep Judge, which surveyed over 1,000 people about their working habits and performance.

When Entrepreneurs Work Past Their Bedtime

The survey showed that workers who stay up past their bedtime more than three nights a week earn $5k less per year than those who only stay up late for one night or don’t stay up late at all. The research also shows that almost 60% of millennial women are working past their bedtime.

For small business owners and the self-employed, the research confirms that while it may be tempting to stay up late and work additional hours to make the business more profitable, sleep deprivation can be counter-productive.

‘Taking work home’ and forgoing sleep to get work done can also lead to mental health issues. As the Sleep Judge report notes:

“People frequently staying up late may suffer from insomnia, a condition that affects the brain and body, inhibiting someone from being able to “shut down” for the night. While some people display extreme symptoms that require medical intervention, many types of moderate or mild insomnia are short term and/or caused by temporary illness.”

Some of the top reasons respondents admit to working late are being unable to finish work during regular hours (31%), working on a side job (30%), not being able to sleep (30%) and being more productive at night (28%).

Study Explores Activities of Entrepreneurs

The Sleep Judge’s study also explored the late-night activities that are key to success. It found that 43.8% of people who described themselves as being creative at work were more likely to stay up listening to music. 38.6% of ‘creatives’ are more likely to stay up reading books and 30.7% are more likely to stay up watching the news compared to uncreative workers.

29.8% of participants who describe themselves as being uncreative at work said they are more likely to stay up drinking alcohol. 21.7% are more likely to stay up streaming or watching TV shows and a similar number of uncreative workers said they are more likely to stay up late playing video games compared to creative workers.

In light of the research, the Sleep Judge maps out some tips for getting the best sleep possible, including establishing a fair work/life balance.

The self-employed and small business owners might enjoy more flexibility. And they definitely possess more freedom over their working patterns. But the Sleep Judge notes the importance of winding down. Get lost in a good book. Make sure mental health and productivity aren’t negatively impacted.

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