Environment Improving for Small Business?

Is the environment improving for small businesses? Some say it is. Here are some ideas about how to make the most of current trends and about where we, as small business owners, may be headed. Is your business showing signs of improvement?

Better Business

Making your community business friendly. At one time, the City of Detroit was not the place to do business. Today that has changed. How do you make your community better for business? Some simple lessons may be taken from Detroit’s success. Detroit Free Press

Small business loans increasing. There’s more small business lending credit being extended out there. Some call it evidence of a brightening economy. Has your small business noticed better opportunities to access credit? Chicago Tribune

Finance Options

How to finance your small business.  When looking at how to fund your new small business, consider all the options. Realize however, that some funding opportunities will be better for you than others and that some sources may definitely not be the right fit for your needs. Reuters

Marketing Help

Does marketing start with your team or your customers? You might be surprised by the answer. Remember that marketing should be a combined effort in your business, with everyone doing their part. That means having a game plan going in, so be sure you’re prepared. The Washington Post

How to market better with great story telling. The truth is stranger than fiction. And the truth is that nothing can sell your product like incredible storytelling. Here are some tips you’ll want to consider to improve your marketing yarn. Copyblogger

HR Review

Replacing the traditional performance review? Have you heard that the performance review might soon be history? As small businesses move into a new, more competitive, and technology driven era, is it time to change the way we look at performance too? Business Execution Blog

Full-time employees or contractors? As the small business environment improves and small businesses think about expansion, what kind of help is it wise to consider adding? Do you need full-time employees or will contractors do the trick? Small Business Trends

Other Outlooks

Too early to celebrate? While there are positive signs in the economic environment suggesting a better outlook for small business, a search of the Web will find some mixed reaction. Huffington Post

Problems remain in healthcare and hiring. If you want to know where the real trouble remains in small businesses, look no further than Manta’s Newest SMB Wellness Index and see where improvement is needed. MarketWatch

Sales Resuscitation

Still having trouble boosting your business? It may not be the economy, after all. The key to small business success, of course, is making sales. If your company is having trouble in this department, the economy may not be completely to blame. Smart Business Guides

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