Etsy Reveals Top Decor Trends for 2023

etsy reveals top decor trends for 2023

Etsy, known for its well-crafted, well-priced decor and furniture, has unveiled the biggest decor trends for 2023. These trends offer a wealth of opportunities for small businesses in the home goods sector, which can leverage these insights to cater to the evolving tastes of their customer base.

As people refresh their spaces for the new year, a blend of tradition and modernity is taking the lead, with unique and unexpected twists. Natural elements remain popular, with a significant 218% increase in searches over the last three months. Emerging trends include the magical mermaidcore and the effortless Parisian apartment style, giving small business owners new avenues to explore and innovate.

Topping the list for 2023 is the resurgence of dark wood. After years of lighter, Scandinavian-inspired woods leading home trends, traditional woods such as teak, walnut, and mahogany are back in favor. Etsy reported a 337% surge in searches for walnut desks and accessories, and a 28% increase in searches for brown seating or furniture. This shift towards warmer, cozier aesthetics presents a ripe opportunity for businesses specializing in handcrafted wooden furniture and accessories.

The Parisian interior trend is also on the rise, embodying the French “art de vivre,” or the art of living well. It centers on quality materials and charming antique finds, paired with dark woods and light walls. This style has sparked a 119% increase in searches for wall mirrors, a 96% increase for marble sinks, a 67% increase for custom oil paintings, and a 44% increase for ruffled duvet covers. Small businesses dealing in vintage and antique decor stand to benefit from this trend.

Next, the whimsical mermaidcore trend infuses interiors with an ethereal, dream-like quality, featuring shells, pearls, seaglass, iridescent accents, and under-the-sea-inspired motifs. This trend has seen a 125% increase in searches for scalloped runners, a 30% increase for oyster shell ring dishes, a 24% increase for mother of pearl trays, and a 22% increase for bubble light fixtures or pendants.

Paper lighting, a style with roots in ancient China, is gaining popularity for its ability to create soft, warm, inviting atmospheres. Etsy reported an 85% increase in searches for hanging paper lanterns, a 61% increase for rice paper lighting, and a 24% increase for paper floor lamps.

Statement rugs are also in vogue, with searches for handwoven rugs increasing by 401%, custom rugs by 62%, colorful rugs by 55%, and wavy rugs by 49%. This trend offers businesses specializing in unique rugs an excellent opportunity to tap into the market.

Decorative accents, described as “jewelry for the home,” are adding elegance to rooms. There’s been a 139% increase in searches for gemstone decor, a 50% increase for suncatcher prisms, a 46% increase for unique wall hooks, and a 13% increase for brass kitchen hardware.

Finally, vintage patterns are making a comeback, with younger generations seeking to create cozy, eclectic, and nostalgic interiors. Searches for embroidered botanical items have increased by a staggering 1,041%, vintage wallpaper by 162%, floral home decor by 118%, and toile art by 32%.

For small businesses, these trends offer a roadmap for what consumers are looking for in 2023. Adapting product offerings to align with these trends could lead to increased sales and customer engagement, providing a valuable edge in a competitive market.

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