Spotlight: Everything and the Dog Makes a Name for Itself in the Popular Pet Services Market

Everything and the Dog Makes a Name for Itself in Pet Services Market

The market for pet products and services has grown dramatically in recent years. Everything and the Dog is part of this growing trend — but the company aims to stand out with a commitment to personalized service. Read all about the company’s journey below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers dog walking, pet sitting, and errand services.

Business Niche

Providing responsive customer service.

Owner Patrick Lewsen told Small Business Trends, “We’ve focused on answering the phone and responding quickly to customers since we began in 2003.”

How the Business Got Started

To enjoy better work-life balance.

Lewsen says, “[I] sold my consulting business to spend more time home with my family and two kids.”

Biggest Win

Growing through acquisitions.

Lewsen explains, “We successfully acquired 11 other pet sitting companies when the former owners wanted to retire or move on.”

Biggest Risk

Expanding to Maryland from their original base in Virginia.

Lewsen adds, “It was difficult to manage such a distant location.”

Lesson Learned

Rely on processes.

Lewsen says, “I would have put a bit more effort into documentation and process and procedure manuals. A solid foundation of process is super important for expansion and growth.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Supporting the team.

Lewsen says, “I would add more benefits for our staff to improve morale and retention.”

Most Interesting Client

A home full of birds.

Lewsen explains, “We had an avian veterinarian who kept 57 exotic birds in her home!”

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Image: Everything and the Dog; Patrick Lewsen

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