EZ Texting Tries to Take Pain Out of SMS Messages for Business

EZ Texting Text to Landline

Now small businesses can use a new landline service and iOS mobile app for texting.  EZ Texting made the recent announcements that lets SMBs quickly convert their business phone numbers to send and receive texts with two-way messaging. The new app provides real time communication.

Both good developments when you consider 48% of consumers polled prefer SMS for receiving brand updates.

Small Business Trends contacted Norman Happ, CEO at EZ Texting, to get the details on how these developments make a difference.

He started by focusing on the new text-to-landline service.

EZ Texting Text to Landline

“These new services include direct two-way business text messaging,” he writes. “This features an easy online self-service sign-up process to quickly convert your existing business phone number to send and receive text messages.”

This text to landline update allows small businesses to open up new sales and support channels. The idea behind this direct two-way business text messaging is to give a  workforce more power to engage both prospects and existing customers.

There’s another interesting angle on the iOS mobile application serving the same purpose.

Instant Access to Customer Messages

“Mobile users get instant access to customer messages without having to give up their personal number,” Happ says.  “The mobile application allows for quicker responses, delivering messages to a businessperson even when they’re out of office.”

These are both excellent ideas. Streamlining the texting process and putting more power in the hands of a mobile sales/workforce follows the trends for ecommerce and omnichannel outfits.

Consider this. According to Statista, digital commerce transaction value amounted to  US$3,751,387m this year. And 54% of folks like SMS messages from brands.

If you’re a small business that uses a landline to receive customer calls this is for you. Likewise if you’ve got a staff that already uses texts to stay in touch with clients. There is even a self-service sign-up to further streamline the whole process.

Doesn’t Require Technical Skills

“That can be done completely online by the owner/administrator of the landline or toll-free number,” Happ says.  “It doesn’t require any technical skills or IT team or development.”

These tools work especially well in a number of industries. Local service providers like dry cleaners, contractors and plumbers will get good value here. The same goes for retail, repair shops and local auto dealerships. Doctors and dentists can also find benefit with these services.

EZ Texting customers can take advantage of both of these new services. Clients can sign up and get 90 days of unlimited one-to-one texting from a business line for free. Monthly and annual rates apply after that. SMBs can get more information here.

Image: eztexting.com

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