From Our Community: Facebook Marketing, Google Penalties, More

From Our Community: Facebook Marketing, Google Penalties, More

Whether you’re trying for a better marketing approach on Facebook or worried about your website’s performance on Google, our small business community has the answers. We’ve scoured the Web for the best advice this week from business bloggers and communities to solve some of your most pressing entrepreneurial problems.

Read on for some useful tips included in this week’s Small Business Trends community roundup.

Check Out These 11 Facebook Marketing Tools

(Jose A Casanova)

If you use Facebook for marketing purposes, you might be confused by the constantly changing platform. But there are plenty of marketing tools out there aimed specifically at using Facebook for small business marketing. In this post, Jose A Casanova shares 11 of these Facebook marketing tools.

Use These 10 Steps to Recover from a Google Penalty


If your business website gets hit with a Google penalty, the results can be absolutely devastating. But there are ways to recover and get website back into Google’s good graces . Here, Ben Acheson shares some tips along with an infographic about recovering from a Google penalty. Members of the BizSugar community also talk more about Google penalties here.

Create Investor Interest with These PR Tips

(Blonde 2.0)

If you’re a startup looking for investors, it can seem like a monumental task. You can try networking with your industry connections, attending events, or connecting with investors online. But Ayelet Noff thinks that more startups should focus on PR. In this post, she says that getting media attention can often lead to attention from investors.

Follow This Advice for Better Personal Branding


In today’s social environment, personal branding is almost a must. In this post, Sarah Santacroce shares some tips for blending who you are with what you do. And members of the BizSugar community discuss more about personal branding too.

Learn the Importance of Financial Statements

(Allan Taylor)

Some businesses might argue that financial records are only really important when it comes to things like taxes and tracking profits. But Barbara Taylor thinks that these numbers should tell the story of your business. In this article, learn more about how financial statements can contribute to a business narrative.

Try These 10 Ways to De-Stress This Fall


As the holiday season approaches, many entrepreneurs will be working long hours and scrambling to meet the increased demand. So in the months leading up to the holiday season, it’s important to decompress a bit in preparation. In this post, Nellie Akalp shares 10 simple ways entrepreneurs can de-stress this fall.

Make Your Business More Attractive

(The Berry Company)

There are a few different ways to make your business more attractive to potential customers. But rather than changing your entire brand, Guy Fragmin suggests simply trying to attract the customers who like your business the way it is. He shares some tips for adjusting your message to such an audience here.

Avoid These Barriers to Twitter Success

(Basic Blog Tips)

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for business owners and marketers. But some professionals still make major mistakes that can lead to less-than-stellar results on the platform. This post from Tim Soulo includes 10 common Twitter mistakes. And the BizSugar community discusses them in more detail here.

Use These Five Approaches to Revamp Your SEO Strategy

(Come Recommended)

SEO strategies don’t always garner the results that business owners hope to see. Sometimes business owners lack a clear strategy, and sometimes they don’t really understand the tactics. But in this post, Olivia Adams shares five ways businesses can revamp an SEO strategy that isn’t getting the best results.

Get the Most Out of a CRM Software Free Trial


Free trials are one option for testing out software before you buy. So it can be tempting to just sign up for these, use them once and then forget all about them. That’s not an effective way to test out these tools to determine whether they’ll work effectively for your business. Instead, Jennifer Lund shares these seven ways to get the most out of a free trial of CRM software.

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