Facebook Pages Go Mobile, LinkedIn Provides Free Photos, More

Facebook Pages Go Mobile, LinkedIn Provides Free Photos, More

Being mobile friendly is no longer a choice for most small businesses. Your customers are on mobile, and you should be too. So it should be welcome news for most small business owners that Facebook’s latest update to Pages includes some mobile friendly features.

Another welcome piece of news is LinkedIn’s first ever #PictureOpportunity tour, where the company is traveling to different locations to provide free headshots and profile advice for users.

These are just a few of the items making news in the world of small business this week. Read on for the full list in our weekly Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Social Media

Facebook Gives Pages for Business a Mobile Friendly Update

Mobile can feel like it’s taking over. It’s not always enough for a business to just be online. Now it’s becoming important to also be mobile friendly and connected to social media. But in the world of social media, “Likes” do not always equate to conversions. Facebook recently announced changes to Pages.

Get a Free Professional Headshot, Courtesy of LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched its first-ever #PictureOpportunity Tour on Sept. 1 in Philadelphia. The professional social network is traveling across the country with a photo studio on wheels, offering free headshots and profile advice. Small Business Trends was in attendance at the second stop of the tour, at the New York Marriott East Side hotel on Sept. 3.

YouTube Creates Highest Brand Engagement, ListenFirst Reports

In today’s world of Google searches and viral Internet videos, it is no wonder that YouTube has had a profound effect on brand engagement. Companies are utilizing the site to spread brand awareness across the globe, and it appears to be working.

Marketing Tips

Yahoo Seeks Partners to Market Gemini to Small Business

It appears Yahoo is following in the steps of Google by opening a Preferred Partner Program. The goal is to recruit agencies to resell Yahoo’s Gemini ads to smaller companies. The company recently partnered with ReachLocal, a small business marketing platform. Other partners include Marin, Acquisio, and Kenshoo.

How Mobile Advertising Differs from All Other Ad Formats

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing facets of digital marketing. But just as you and your team are likely trying to develop a mobile ad strategy, so are plenty of other competing businesses. Simply coming up with some ads that work on mobile screens isn’t quite enough. You have to develop ads that really appeal to your customers.

Craft Beer and Spirits a Hit with Millennials

If you’re in the beer industry and want to catch the attention of Millennials, going the craft beer route is your best bet for success. A recent Harris Poll indicated that this generation purchases beer that is described as “craft,” “small batch,” “custom,” “limited edition,” and “artisan/artisanal.” It is not just beer that is benefiting from these descriptive terms.


NOWDiagnostics Inc Acquisition Benefits Small Health Practioners

Small healthcare businesses that constantly outsource their patient lab work may benefit from a recent deal. NOWDiagnostics Inc., based in Springdale, Arkanas, has acquired ZBx Corporation of North York, Ontario, Canada. Both companies are in the business of providing more point-of-care lab work to small healthcare businesses.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Creating a Startup for the Education Niche

Zaniac is a business operating after-school learning centers focused specifically on science, technology, engineering, and math. And the brand also tries to provide a fun environment for kids to learn. But the real story behind Zaniac’s success, for entrepreneurs, is how the company’s founders uncovered a profitable niche in the education market.

Small Business Operations

Conference Room Design Ideas for Your Business

It may be time to rethink your office’s conference room, according to a new infographic created by visual communication agency Column Five and video conferencing provider Highfive. A traditional conference room is often comprised of a large meeting table, maybe some presentation equipment, and not a whole lot else.


Big Data Takes on a New Industry — Beer

Big data has proven to be a useful tool for plenty of industries. And now it’s making its way into another type of business — one that’s not traditionally associated with high-tech tools — beer making. Jason Cohen is a data scientist from State College, Pennsylvania.

Startup Knewton Creates Individualized Education Tools

Today’s teachers face a number of huge challenges. One of the most prevalent is that of personalized education. For overworked educators with overcrowded classrooms, creating assignments that work for each individual student’s skill level and learning style is next to impossible.

Technology Trends

Highlights from the Apple Special Event

Apple’s Special Event recently took place in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. After lots of speculation leading up to the event across the Web as to just what Apple planned to reveal, here are the highlights of what took place. Apple kicked off the event with the latest updates to the Apple Watch.

Sneak Peek: LG V10 Phone Has “Ticker” Screen

Smartphone manufacturers are continuously trying to differentiate themselves by introducing features they think customers will like. Taking a look back at what has been a hit and a flop shows it is not an exact science. One of the specs that is currently undergoing a lot of innovation is the screen because it plays such an integral role on smartphones.

Microsoft Claims Most Comprehensive Dynamics CRM Upgrade Ever

Gaining and keeping customers is a big part of running a business. You want to keep your customers engaged and provide your business and employees with the tools needed to make it happen. This is where CRM (customer relationship management) services can help.   Microsoft recently revealed the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company’s customer engagement solution.

Samsung SmartThings Hub: Business Security — Right from Your Phone

New smart technology from Samsung could be the backbone of a security system for your business all accessed from a mobile device. It’s called the Samsung “SmartThings Hub” version 2.0, and can be described as the router for your connected devices in your office or home. The hub is part of Samsung’s SmartThings line.

36 Percent of Smartphone Owners Use Messaging Apps, Says Research

Small business owners seeking to use social media to connect with customers may want to take a closer look at mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, and iMessage. These are among the more popular social messaging apps smartphone owners are using, according to a recent study by Pew Research Center.

VC & Angel Capital

Due Diligence for Equity Crowdfunding

Since mid-June, American investors have been allowed to buy shares in other people’s private companies through online crowdfunding portals. Now, even if you do not meet the income or net worth criteria of an accredited investor, you can back someone else’s entrepreneurial dream, just like the guys on Sand Hill Road.

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