Only 32% of Consumers Feel Comfortable About Private Companies Using Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Only 32% of consumers feel comfortable about having their face scanned by private companies. This means a significant majority aren’t at ease with companies using facial recognition.

Facial Recognition Statistics

The stats come from  a study by the business app recommendation engine, GetApp. The survey asked 487 US consumers about their views on facial recognition technology. The study investigates the consensus surrounding this advanced type of tech among US consumers.

The study says 81% of consumers remain concerned by the misuse of biometric data. And this concern focuses on use by private businesses. In fact, 84% of those surveyed for the report say they would support federal regulation of such technology.

A further 95% of the survey’s respondents said they feel they should have the right to opt out of facial recognition systems. Specifically this opt out refers to use of the technology by private companies.

Consider These Valuable Insights

Facial recognition statistics provide valuable insight for small businesses. As a result, you may want to review them before adopting this type of tech. In short, businesses should think before using it. Use of this technology for security might prove the exception. Otherwise realize customers may not be happy. So watch investment in such advanced biometric technology. It could wind up a waste of time and money for small businesses.

Zach Capers, Senior Analyst at GetApp, said: “This research clearly shows that, although consumers feel facial recognition does have appropriate applications, there are serious concerns when it comes to privacy.

“The fact that an astounding 97% of our survey respondents support the right to know if a private company is in possession of their biometric data just shows the importance that consumers attach to privacy. The results of this research should serve as a warning for businesses considering using facial recognition and biometric technology – building trust by adopting transparent measures to protect consumer privacy will be key.”

Amazon Among Brands Criticized

Amazon caught considerable criticism for proposed use of facial recognition technology. For example, in 2018, the US retail giant was criticized for patenting a doorbell which would use facial recognition technology to track “suspicious” people.

The patented doorbell system proposed to use biometric techniques including facial recognition. These techniques would help verify the identity of guests. Attorney Jacob Snow of the American Civil Liberties Union described the patent application as “disturbing” and “nightmarish

IBM Also Condemned

Critics also condemned US technology company IBM for harvesting photos from internet users’ social media profiles. This happened without their knowledge. It occurred as a means of training the company’s facial recognition algorithms. NBC investigated and discovered users were unaware their photos had been collected for the projects. As a result, IBM faced scrutiny over its use of facial recognition technology.

Consider these cases and GetApp’s research. Small businesses should think long and hard. Should you devote time, money and resources to a type of technology that is somewhat controversial? Also consider how uncomfortable many consumers feel with the technology.



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  1. The other factor with these technologies is that they are only as good as the people wielding them. There will always be good and bad uses of any technology. The same technology that launches people into space also launches nuclear warheads across the world. Regulation is important, but we don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  2. It just doesn’t feel good to get your face scanned. Fingerprint is always better.