10 Tips for Looking at Familiar Business Concepts in Different Ways


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There are many business tools that can serve more than one purpose. From Facebook to blogging, it’s important to dive under the surface to find new uses for the things you already use. Sometimes, even entrepreneurs themselves may have to wear more than one hat. Here are ten insights from members of the online small business community for looking at common tools and concepts in new ways.

Boost Employee Retention Using Facebook

Lots of small businesses use Facebook for marketing. But it can work for other goals as well. Specifically, it may help with employee morale and retention. Christian Zilles of Social Media HQ dives into the topic here.

Take Care of Your Business and Your Kids This Summer

For entrepreneurs who are also parents, summer can be a chaotic season. However, it is possible to run a business and keep kids entertained while they’re not in school. This CorpNet post by Nellie Akalp includes ten strategies for accomplishing this lofty goal.

Use Your Creative Startup to Sustain the Environment

Many creative entrepreneurs are also passionate about environmental issues. And these two interests do not need to conflict with one another. You can actually use your creative venture to support the environment. Marty Zwilling elaborates in this Startup Professionals Musings post.

Understand Twitter Analytics and Learn to Use Them

Some people think of statistics as interesting factoids. But they can also be usable business tools. To learn how to use Twitter analytics for your business, read this No Passive Income post by Erik Emanuelli. Then head to BizSugar to see what members are saying.

Gain Helpful Insights from Novels

Novels are generally considered entertainment. But they can also provide inspiration and insights for entrepreneurs. In this The Happy Guy Marketing post, David Leonhardt shares words of wisdom specifically from Canadian novelists.

Spot Fake Reviews and Bots

Online reviews can be super helpful for small businesses looking to gain credibility. But they can also be a major hindrance, especially if they include false information. In this UpCity post, David J. Brin offers tips for spotting these fake reviews so you can take action.

Find the Right Time to Sell Your Business

A business can be an ongoing source of income. But it may also provide an investment that you can sell when it’s time to retire or move on. Ivan Widjaya discusses how to tell when it’s time to sell a business in this Biz Penguin post.

Develop Multilingual SEO for Voice Searches

The growing prevalence of voice search is throwing a new wrinkle into SEO strategies. Since many businesses market to customers who may speak multiple languages, this should be a consideration. Learn more about this issue in this Search Engine Watch post by Atul Jindal.

Make Sure Brands Come Back to Your Blog

Today, blogging isn’t just a marketing outlet. It can also be a main source of business income. But to accomplish that goal, you need to keep brand partnerships coming back. Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive shares tips here. And the BizSugar community also discussed the concept.

Create Facebook Contests That Grow Both Your Engagement and Your Audience

Many people think of Facebook contests as a way to foster engagement with your current followers. But they can also help to bring in new followers simultaneously. In this post, Neil Patel shares how you can accomplish both goals at once.

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