These Companies Offer the Fastest Internet in America

fastest internet providers in america

With more and more people working from home, fast internet has become a vital component of business productivity and success. It is therefore within every small business and entrepreneur’s interest to have access to fast internet.

So, which providers offer the fastest internet speeds? To find out, the team at, compare and review specialists of internet providers, conducted research into the companies that offer the fastest internet in America.

The team analyzed more than 3.6 million speed tests using’s speed test tool. The research was carried out in 2021.

The Fastest Internet Provider in America

The fastest provider overall was found to be Google Fiber. With an average download speed of 160.5 Mbps and maximum advertised speeds of 2,000 Mbps, Google Fiber has the fastest fiber-optic speeds in the United States.

Behind Google Fiber in the fast stakes is Verizon, which has an average download speed of 138.0 Mbps. In third place in MetroNet, boasting average download speeds of 135.2 Mbps.

Ranked as the fourth fastest internet provider in the United States is Cox, which has an average download speed of 134.5 Mbps. Cox was followed by Xfinity, which, with an average download speed of 131.6 Mbps.

The Fastest Type of Internet

The research also looked at what the fastest type of internet is. It found that fiber is currently the fastest type of internet available. This type of internet uses glass fiber-optic threads which are bundled together to transfer light signals. The signals are fast and reliable over long distances.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to enable staff to work from home. It also encouraged entrepreneurs to take the plunge and start the business they have dreamt of. The new working and business environment that relies on remote and hybrid work set-ups, requires a high-speed and reliable internet. It is therefore important that small businesses and entrepreneurs are familiar with the best internet choices.

This is where’s research would prove an invaluable resource. Explaining what the fastest type of internet is, the report notes:

“Fiber-optic internet is the fastest type of internet. Across the US, fiber internet providers ranked highest in our speed comparisons. Cable internet also made a good showing among the fastest internet service providers in the US. Both fiber internet and cable internet offer speeds up to (and sometimes exceeding) 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps).”

Best Internet Provider for Customer Satisfaction

The report includes data on which internet providers customers were most satisfied with. Taking findings for HighSpeedInternet’s most recent customer satisfaction survey, in which thousands of internet customers were asked to rate their experiences with the biggest internet service providers, EarthLink is considered the best provider in terms of customer satisfaction. Verizon swooped second position, followed a several providers in third place, including Cox, AT&T, Suddenlink, Mediacom, RCN and Sparklight.

Fastest Internet Providers by Region

The research also explored the fastest internet provider by region. Verizon Fios is ranked the fastest provider for the Northeast. In the Midwest, regional and local internet providers dominate as being the fastest providers on internet, with the exception of Xfinity and Frontier.

In the South, the relatively unknown provider called Ting came out as the fastest provider, and in the West, Sonic beat Google Fiber as providing the fastest service.

By mapping out regional differences,’s research is important for businesses thinking of relocating or wanting to start up in an area with the best internet speeds.

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