FedEx Office Expands Same Day Delivery to 1,800 American Cities

FedEx SameDay City Expands

FedEx Office (NYSE:FDX) has expanded its same-day delivery service, FedEx SameDay City, to 1,800 cities across the U.S — from Seattle to Miami and from San Diego to Boston. The service is now available to more than 34 million people in over 30 markets nationwide.

Small businesses seeking to compete with bigger companies that offer same-day delivery have reason to celebrate as this is a big upside for them.

FedEx SameDay City Expands

“Whether a customer made an online purchase for a special occasion, or a health care company needs to provide patients with critical medication and supplies, FedEx SameDay City can fulfill their need by delivering across multiple zip codes in a given market,” said Brian Philips, CEO of FedEx Office, in a release announcing the expansion to more cities.

With FedEx SameDay City, your small business can offer quick and reliable delivery service that best fits its needs, including:

  • Priority service: available seven days a week, with pickup and delivery in as little as two hours,
  • Standard service: pickup and delivery in four hours from origin to destination, Monday through Friday,
  • Economy service: also offered Monday through Friday, with delivery by end of the day,
  • Route service: a custom, same-day service for regular pickup and deliveries at multiple locations.

FedEx Office, the printing and shipping service retail chain that provides an outlet for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping, cites Business Intelligence that estimates the value of merchandise delivered to consumers via same-day courier service will reach $4.03 billion by 2018. As this value grows, your small business stands to benefit greatly by establishing same-day fulfillment from store to your customers’ homes.

“Continued market expansion allows FedEx SameDay City to deliver thousands of packages daily, for individuals, as well as big and small brands alike,” Philips said.


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