Small Businesses Unlikely to Hire for Finance Professionals

Small Businesses Unlikely to Hire for Finance Professionals

Numerous studies have found that many small businesses have a limited number of employees. And there seems to be a dearth of specialists within their ranks too.

That’s especially true of finance professionals.

Small Businesses and Finance Professionals

New data from Indeed shows that only 22 percent of the finance jobs openings posted with the employment service were from small businesses. And Indeed is using a liberal view of a small business, included those with up to 150 employees, for this study.

Small businesses are unlikely to hire specialty employees, especially on any full-time basis. It’s these positions where a small business is more likely to reach for the services of a freelancer instead.

“We can see that the demand for finance experts by large enterprises far outstrips that of SMBs. Although big companies can typically offer better pay and more perks there are advantages that SMBS often offer that can be attractive,” Indeed Economist Daniel Culbertson says.

If a small business is to have any chance at landing a long-term finance expert to add to their team, they’re going to have to find someone who’s not just in the field for the money or benefits. These are the perks they’re likely to be offered to work for a larger company, Indeed finds.

Still, there are benefits to working at a small business for some finance experts. Those wishing to break free of the anonymous cubicle environment they’re likely to find at a bigger company may be willing to take less money in exchange for other intangibles.

“From less bureaucracy, to more autonomy and a bigger role in key decisions that impact the company, there are some advantages that SMBs can highlight to prospective job seekers,” Culbertson says.

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