12 Ways to Find the Right Person for the Job – Right Now

12 Ways to Find the Right Person for the Job, Right Now

Whether a project is growing faster than expected or you have a sudden job opening in a mission-critical position, sometimes you need to find someone with the right set of skills, right now. This rush, however, doesn’t mean that you’re willing to lose out on quality. So what’s the best way to let everyone know you’re looking to hire? To find out, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question:

“How can you make company job postings as visible as possible, specifically when you’re looking to hire immediately?”

How to Find the Right Person for the Job

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Let People Know Through the Company’s Social Media Platforms

“With Facebook implementing the ability to search and apply to jobs, there is no reason not to take advantage of that exposure. Using the company Twitter handle or Instagram account is another way to broaden the hunt. Catching people where they usually are (on their social media apps) is the quickest way to pull in potential hires.” ~ Phil LaboonWUDN

2. Post on Remote Employment Websites

“If you’re hiring for a remote position, consider posting the job on remote employment websites. Eighty-five percent of millennials would like to telecommute on a full-time basis, which means they are looking on employment websites that specialize in remote work. By listing your job vacancies on these kinds of websites, you are getting the word out there instantly and are sure to have a high response rate.” ~ Dave NevogtHubstaff.com

3. Partner With an Industry Influencer

“One way to fill a role quickly and capture candidates who technically aren’t on the market is to work with skill-specific influencers who already have tens of thousands of experienced professionals hanging on their every word. Collaborate with them to share your job posting with their email list or social media followers, and incentivize them with a referral bonus.” ~ Firas KittanehAmerisleep

4. Promote, Then Optimize for Searches

“To make job postings as visible as possible, it is important to promote the job listing on top job sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and niche sites such as DiceCyberCoders and Toptal. In addition to paid promotion, you should optimize the job listing for organic search. Standard SEO will only do so much. It is recommended that you utilize a schema to optimize the posting.” ~ Nick ChasinovTeknicks

5. Make Recruiting the Focus of Your Homepage

“Make recruiting the central focus of your website’s home page. Assuming your site has a good chunk of traffic that is relevant and familiar with your company, having your job postings take over the home page for a temporary period is sure to make your employment opportunities very visible, very quickly. Then, when the role has a few promising candidates in the pipeline, switch things back.” ~ Brett FarmiloeMarkitors

6. Let Your Customers Know You’re Hiring

“I like to maintain a fairly good relationship with all my customers, so whenever they need something (even outside of the scope of my business), I typically provide it. This is not a one-sided relationship, thankfully. Under exceptional circumstances, send an email blast to customers asking them if they would like to join your team, or if they know of someone who’d want to join your team. It works!” ~ Cody McLainSupportNinja

7. Ask Your Employees to Share the Word

“The best hires are referrals, and Facebook is where the true personal networks live, especially at scale. Ask your employees to post on their Facebook pages about the job listing: It’s a free, easy and instant way to solicit great applicants that come from a wide pool of friends of friends and college alumni.” ~ Roger LeeCaptain401

8. Offer Your Employees a Referral Bonus

“Offer your employees a referral bonus if they refer someone who will be hired, and another bonus if the referred employee stays for more than a year. It will not just make the process easier, it will also motivate the current and new employee to stay longer in the company.” ~ Daisy JingBanish

9. Use Job Boards That Aggregate to Multiple Sources

“I believe in finding and using the best tools to save time. At the agency, we use job boards that aggregate to hundreds of postings. We utilize Zip Recruiter and their platform aggregates it to the rest of its job board networks for optimum visibility, including Monster, Career Builder, Indeed and Linkedin.” ~ Shalyn DeverChatter Buzz

10. Pay to Promote

“Most job listing sites have a paid option that boosts your post to the top of the page, or automatically re-publishes the post. If you’re under a deadline, take advantage of these options to bring the most visibility to your post in a short amount of time.” ~ Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

11. Advertise Your Company, Even When You’re Not Recruiting

“Marketing has taken a firm hold on the recruiting world. Try incorporating visuals and video into your job ads. Videos that give “day-in-the-life” employee videos are a great way of giving that potential candidate a look into your company. But the way to do this is all the time, even when you’re not recruiting. Work on your employer brand nonstop, so when you do need someone, they apply.” ~ Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media

12. Consider Hiring a Recruiter

“If a business is trying to hire immediately, contracting with an experienced recruiter in the field may be the fastest way of doing so. The recruiter has strong connections with candidates in a given field — he or she has an existing network of job seekers and passive candidates. They can also help syndicate the job posting to specific industry or function groups and organizations.” ~ Adelyn Zhou, TOPBOTS

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