Make Time to “Find Your Balance Point”


I don't normally like to say that this book is for everyone. So, instead, I'll say that this book is for anyone who is tired of feeling like they have too much to do and too little time. "Find Your Balance Point" is the kind of book you'll want to have in every single format; put the hard copy next to your nightstand, put the digital copy on all of your devices so that you can reference it when you need to get back on track.

Find Your Balance Point

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“We’re going away for just a couple of days. Do you think you can unplug from the computer, the phone, the tablet or any other electronic Internet connected device that you’re stashing somewhere?”

I said “Yes.” But I thought that I would certainly be able to sneak in an email or two — maybe in the bathroom when no one was watching.

Does this sound like you?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Once again, the fact that the U.S. has fewer paid and mandated vacation days than any other advanced economy is in the news. And get this, our propensity to take even the few days that we’re allotted doesn’t buy us more productivity.

So here’s where it gets interesting. More vacations don’t necessarily improve productivity. It’s all about what we do and how we manage the time that we have.

That’s when I grabbed my review copy of “Find Your Balance Point: Clarify Your Priorities, Simplify Your Life, and Achieve More” and stashed it in my big purse.

Wise, Tried and True Advice in a Productivity Book

You’ve come to expect sales books from Brian Tracy, but not today. “Find Your Balance Point” is more of a short and sweet treatise on how to live your life to the fullest; how to work when you’re working and rest when you’re resting and play when you’re playing.

All of these wonderfully simple lessons are wrapped up inside of about one hundred pages. It’s even time efficient to read this!

Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s even politically correct to say this. But “Find Your Balance Point” is so brief, so to-the-point, that it could only have come from someone with so much life experience that they could eliminate the noise from the important nuggets. And this is exactly what the authors did.

Let’s get into the details:

Each chapter is about 10 pages (give or take) and walks you through a simple (really simple) process that will have you transforming how you live your life inside of about a day. I’m not kidding. I mean, how long does it take to read a hundred pages at the pool?!

You’ll start with defining your values, getting real with what holds you back, defining a clear vision and ultimately eliminating the things in your life that take you AWAY from your vision. This is the good stuff.

I know. You can’t believe you can transform your business and your life in an afternoon. Well, here is a sample that will give you a hint of why this book is so powerful in so few pages:

“If you have a business, the starting point in strategic planning is for you to develop a clear picture, in writing, of what you want your business to look like at some point in the future.  Think on paper. Write down every word you can think of to describe your perfect business at some time in the future …When you become very clear about the future vision for your business, you will begin to see immediately what you should be doing more of or less of to make that ideal come true.”

See?! No fancy planning, no overwhelming gibberish. This is what I call on-the-court advice. The kind you only get from having lived long enough to do it right, to do it wrong and to know the difference.

I’m not saying you don’t DO the kind of planning that is required in your business. Tracy is saying get clear on what you’re doing first.

Brian Tracy Keeps it in the Family

For those of you who were reading carefully, you may have noticed that I said “authors” in my description of the book. Brian Tracy wrote this book with his daughter, Christina Stein, who is a psychologist and a fellow Antioch Alumna (sorry had to get that in there). This isn’t the first book she’s written with her dad. The two of them partnered up in “Kiss That Frog” as well.

Brian Tracy … do you really NOT know who Brian Tracy is?

In case you don’t, let me enlighten you. He is a world renowned speaker and sales and business expert. He’s written more than seventy (actually it’s 72) books that have been translated in 42 languages.

You will want to eat “Find Your Balance Point” UP! It’s like one of those desserts or meals that is so worth the calories. Let me tell you why:

First, “Find Your Balance Point” is short and easy to read. But this isn’t the reason I love it. It’s that the productivity advice is so distilled into its essence and yet so quick and easy to read that you will (and I’m not kidding on this) feel yourself changing from page to page.

You will have the time, space and freedom to do the exercises in the book. You will see your business and your life much more clearly than you had before.

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