10 Tips for Finding Your Way as a New Entrepreneur

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Every entrepreneur starts out with different skills and resources. But there are a few universal truths, like finding what you’re passionate about and learning how to market, that apply to basically all business owners. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for finding your way as a new entrepreneur.

Assess Yourself as a New Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need a variety of skills and qualities to thrive. Understanding your own abilities may help you thrive in your role and get help where needed. This Startup Professional Musings post by Marty Zwilling offers self-assessment checks for new entrepreneurs.

Fuel Your Passion for Business and Marketing

Starting a business requires passion. When you’re just starting out, it’s needed to get through the many hurdles off getting your business off the ground. But you still need to fuel this interest as your business grows. Quotes can be a source of inspiration. Here are some baseball quotes to serve marketers from Nick Nelson of TopRank Marketing.

Find a Niche Market to Start Your Business

Choosing an industry for your business isn’t specific enough. A narrow niche can really help you stand out from competitors. But how do you choose? Ivan Widjaya dives into the concept in this Biz Penguin post.

Protect Your Brand

Once you start a new brand, it’s up to you to protect the name and other brand elements with trademarks and similar legal maneuvers. In this CorpNet post, Nellie Akalp details how to file an intent to use trademark protection.

Use These Tips to Buy a Franchise

Buying a franchise can sometimes help you get a new business off the ground more quickly. But it helps to have expert tips in your corner as you get started. Joel Libava of The Franchise King offers several in this post.

Stay on Top of SEO Trends

SEO is important no matter what stage of business ownership you’re in. But the trends and methods are constantly changing. In this post on Neal Schaffer’s blog, Moss Clement shares some trends for marketers to know. And BizSugar members discussed the post further here.

Consider a Hybrid Work Culture

Hybrid work has become the norm for many small businesses this year. If you’re just starting, this model may work for you and your employees as well. Learn more about the concept in this Small Biz Daily post by Arvind Patil.

Work Past Negativity

It’s easy to be negative about certain parts of running a business. But a positive mindset can help you navigate so many areas of entrepreneurship. In this Strella Social Media post, Lauren Galli explores how entrepreneurs can let go of negativity.

Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube isn’t just a marketing channel. You can build an entire business on the platform. But once you create content, you need to promote it. Learn how in this Pixel Productions post by Steve Conway.

Find the Right Length for Blog Posts

Blogging can be part of any new business marketing strategy. And the right length can enhance SEO and keep readers interested. Emily Brookes of Niche Pursuits discusses in this post. And members of the BizSugar community chimed in here.

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