Fishbowl Uses Square for US Expansion with New York’s Thisbowl


Square has partnered with Fishbowl, an Australian healthy fast food chain, to support its expansion into the United States. Founded in 2016 by Nathan Dalah, Nic Pestalozzi, and Casper Ettelson in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Fishbowl has become an iconic name in Australia, boasting over 40 locations. In April 2024, the team opened their first international venue in New York, aptly named Thisbowl.

Nathan Dalah, Founder and Head of Global Growth at Fishbowl and Thisbowl, remarked, “Our growth plans are ambitious, but we’re taking on the biggest challenge first: if we can make Thisbowl work in New York, we believe that it will give us the runway we need to fuel our growth in the US along with other major cities around the world.”

Fishbowl attributes much of its success to the consistency in its food and service, a feat made possible by Square’s technology. Square’s technology has been integral to Fishbowl’s operations, helping the restaurant process dine-in, to-go, and catering orders seamlessly. This technology has allowed Fishbowl to modernize its operations and expand its customer base.

Customers at Fishbowl and Thisbowl benefit from a streamlined ordering process using Square Register. This system provides a fast and secure checkout, with a second screen allowing customers to review their orders before paying. Customers can complete transactions with a simple swipe, dip, or tap of their card or digital wallet. The system’s software design also makes it easy for staff to manage the highly customizable menu.

The efficiency of Fishbowl and Thisbowl is enhanced by Square’s Kitchen Display System (KDS). Orders are sent instantly to KDS, enabling kitchen staff to manage the constant flow of in-store and online orders. This system includes full recipes on tickets, precision timing of operations, and quality control, ensuring each bowl meets the restaurant’s standards before serving.

Dalah shared, “My favorite feature of Square is their kitchen display system, or KDS. It’s been really helpful. A lot of people ask us ‘how long does it take for a bowl to get made?’ or ‘how long until I get my bowl?’ And now we can get down-to-the-second updates. Our whole kitchen system runs off of it, and it really helps us keep track of the team.”

For growing businesses like Fishbowl and Thisbowl, having full visibility of each location is crucial. Square’s real-time sales data, analytics, and business intelligence tools provide this visibility.

Square’s support has been pivotal in Fishbowl’s journey from a single location in Bondi Beach to its first international store in New York. Ming-Tai Huh, Head of Food and Beverage at Square, commented, “We’ve been working with Fishbowl since the beginning, and it’s been exhilarating to partner with and support their growth – and now international expansion – especially despite the current challenges of the industry. Square’s technology is helping restaurants of all types and sizes to both streamline and expand to new markets.”

Fishbowl’s successful launch of Thisbowl in New York, powered by Square’s comprehensive technology, marks a significant step in the company’s global expansion plans.

Image: Square

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