How to Get Listed on Food Truck Finders

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Food truck finders are apps and websites that list the location of various food trucks to make them easy for customers to find. These companies essentially offer marketing opportunities, while also improving the food truck experience for customers. If you’re ready to get listed, here are some things to know.

Is there an App to Find the Best Food Trucks?

With so many food truck ideas now fully realized, trying to separate yourself from the crowd can be hard. There are several apps available to help foodies find their favorite food trucks. Each has different features. But most let users search for the best food trucks in a specific city or neighborhood. And some even include unique features like syncing with social media or the ability to track truck locations via GPS. Here are some of the top options for various markets throughout the U.S.

12 Best Food Truck Finder Apps

Food trucks can use apps to let locals keep up with their movements and locations. These can help trucks bring back customers you’ve already served and build a long line at each event you attend. If you’re looking for ideas for promoting your business, here are some apps to try.

1. Street Food Finder

Street Food Finder helps customers find food trucks in various cities throughout the U.S. It is currently active in Columbus, Raleigh, Durham, Cincinnati, Corpus Christi, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Nashville, and Tampa, with more on the way. Businesses can add photos, menu options, and link to their website. There’s also a map for you to update your location.

2. Truckspotting

Truckspotting offers a mobile app for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices. Food trucks can actually outfit themselves with a GPS to automatically update their location. And you can add your menu and other details to entice customers.

3. mobileDelicious

mobileDelicious is a popular app in markets throughout the U.S. Food truck owners can create a profile, update their location, and even post automatically to social media. The app offers a map feature to help customers easily find options. And you can even view stats about activity on the app.

4. Roaming Hunger

Roaming Hunger is a food truck finder and booking service. So you can add your business and location just like other finder apps. And customers can even book you for events right from the app or site. Businesses can sign up online. And the company offers a mobile app for iPhone, so customers can easily connect on the go.

5. mFood

mFood connects users with food trucks across the country. You can update your own information. But the app also pulls from publicly available schedules to provide more options for foodies. They also offer some unique features like a “meal wheel” for indecisive diners or “meet to eat” for groups coming from different locations.

6. FoodPops

FoodPops offers a finder that automatically syncs with businesses’ social media pages for real-time updates. This makes it easier for customers to find their favorite food trucks. And it’s easier for operators to share their location. This app is currently available in several U.S. markets, including Boston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, Raleigh, Durham, and Cincinnati. And there are more on the way.

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7. Where’s the Foodtruck

Where’s the Foodtruck offers a free iOS and Android app for finding food trucks around the country. Businesses can also include their menu and relevant specials for customers to browse. And mobile ordering is available. Where’s the Foodtruck offers a separate vendor app, so you can easily update your info from your own mobile app.

8. Food Truck Pub

Food Truck Pub is more of a directory and ordering app than a finder. You can add your menu, images, and pricing. Then you can go active when you’re ready to accept orders. This makes it easy for customers to automatically purchase food from anywhere before visiting in person.

9. Best Food Trucks

Best Food Trucks lets users find trucks in their local area, place orders, and even receive alerts. Foodies can even subscribe to different neighborhood locations or trucks to request updates as you move around the city. There’s a separate app for vendors to add and update information.

10. Find Food Trucks App

Find Food Trucks App offers a map, locator, and dedicated pages for each vendor. The app doesn’t require users to sign up for an account, so you can reach even more users. It also automatically updates your location with a single click. So you can save time updating everyone on your schedule.

11. Truckster

Truckster provides a finder for foodies in Colorado, Austin, and Portland. Users can discover new foods or search by specialties like burgers or tacos. And the app even provides online ordering. Truckster also has a separate app for vendors that’s designed for iPad.

12. FoodRoamer

FoodRoamer lets users search by name, location, or food type. So you can reach people throughout your city who specifically want tacos, burgers, or whatever type of food you serve. The app also includes unique features like deals, flyers, and reviews.

Become One of Your Areas Favorite Food Trucks by Creating Listings on these Apps

If you want to truly connect with your community, you first need to alert customers of your food truck’s location. The apps above can help you gain customers and improve loyalty.

What is the best food truck finder app?

The best food truck finder app may vary depending on your location and needs. However, FoodRoamer currently has the highest ratings in the App Store. Street Food Finder, mFood, and FoodPops are also very highly rated. All allow vendors to add relevant details like their menu, and update location and deals regularly.

How do you find a food truck location?

Customers often locate food trucks by searching on finder apps. Many of these services let you see a map of a neighborhood, search by your exact location, or track specific trucks around your city. Many apps allow you to enter an address or GPS coordinates. Some even automatically update from other platforms like Facebook.

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