New Forbes8 Digital Summit Going on Despite Mass Event Cancellations

New Forbes8 eSummit Going on in the Midst of Mass Event Cancellations

Adapt and evolve. If there is any group of people that live by this credo, it is entrepreneurs. A great example of this is Forbes8 Digital Summit.

Coronavirus is responsible for the cancellation of hundreds of conferences. So, how do you adapt? By finding alternative methods to bring speakers and attendees together. And thanks to today’s digital ecosystem, you can have a global conference, if you choose to do so.

Forbes8 eSummit

Forbes8 Digital Summit on Business Resiliency is going to bring speakers together to help businesses navigate and communicate during the current pandemic. With this in mind, the summit will have key experts to address specific issues businesses are going through.

In this summit, speakers will be addressing How to Be Remotely Innovative; Leadership in Disruptive Times; How to Network Remotely, Build Your Brand Virtually and Lead Remote Teams.

The founder of Non-Obvious Company, Rohit Bhargava; small business expert, Barry Moltz; Charlene Li, Author and Founder at Altimeter Group; Goldie Chan, Founder at Warm Robots are some of the speakers at the four-hour summit.

Each 15 to 20-minute session will focus on areas businesses need to address as they start working remotely. However, the lessons from the summit are not only for the coronavirus crisis. Consequently, you can apply them anytime. For example, as more people look to work remotely, understanding the technology and skillsets to manage this workforce is essential for business owners.


The goal of Forbes8 is to provide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs around the world access to opportunity. It makes this possible together with, but not limited to supporting, resourcing, impacting, inspiring and equipping each stage of their journey.

The Forbes8 Digital Summit on Business Resiliency is going to be held on Friday, March 20 | 12:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST. Best of all it is free, so register here and join the summit.

The content will be recorded and available for registered attendees who couldn’t attend live on the Forbes8 app – along with a 7-day free trial.

For news and advice on how to navigate the Coronavirus disruptions, visit our Coronavirus Biz Advice section.


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