Spotlight: Forward Push Brings Wall Street Strategy to Main Street Businesses

Forward Push Brings Wall Street Strategy to Main Street Businesses

There isn’t just one way to market a small business. That’s why Forward Push aims to think differently when working with clients.

The marketing team wants to bring big business strategies to smaller firms. Find out how in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers marketing solutions for small businesses.

Founder and strategist Mark Apple told Small Business Trends, “At Forward Push we believe in marketing differently. That’s because we focus on working with small businesses and startups. We bring wall street thinking to main street.

“From strategizing the foundation of a campaign to putting the final flourishes on a client’s new SEO strategy, we believe that great marketing comes from a team ready to challenge the status quo while staying rooted in the research.”

Business Niche

Taking a hands-on, personalized approach.

Apple says, “We spend a crazy amount of time getting to know our client’s business before we begin the creative process.”

How the Business Got Started

To help small businesses.

Apple explains, “I had left a job working for a Fortune 500 company and saw how small businesses were being treated and didn’t like it. I knew I could take what they we’re offering , do it better and do it right.”

Biggest Win

Joining a networking group, BNI.

Apple adds, “It changed the direction of my business as it gave me the opportunity to be in front of small business owners week in and week out. I’ve been able to narrow my focus and super-serve a part of the business community that is often forgotten by larger marketing agencies that think they are too small.”

Biggest Risk

Investing time and money into growth opportunities.

Apple says, “I do a lot of external marketing for the agency and there is a dollar figure associated with these tactics. I also purchase a fair amount of software programs in an effort to make our jobs more efficient and to be able to super serve our clients. Like all things technology, the software either becomes dated or another company has released a better product and we need to switch (ie: reinvest).”

Lesson Learned

Focus on networking.

Apple explains, “I would have begun my serious networking strategy earlier in the life cycle of the business. It would have given us an opportunity to meet more people early on. That being said, I have no regrets on it.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Spreading the word.

Apple adds, “I would increase our marketing in an effort to make more small business owners aware that they don’t have to grow their company alone.”

Favorite Quote

“Talk minus action equals nothing.” – Unknown.

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Image: Forward Push, Marc Apple

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