October 21, 2016

Understand the Basics

We walk you through the basics on how to buy a franchise:

Franchise Introduction To Franchising
Definitions, and what it means to buy into one.

franchising-facts 5 Fantastic Things About Franchising
You get a proven business model … and more.

tax-bag Often Overlooked Benefits of Franchise Ownership
See some tax benefits of being a business owner.

Pros and cons Pros And Cons Of Buying A Franchise
Why this option appeals to some, but not all.

Buying a Franchise

How to research an opportunity and conduct due diligence:

question mark Questions To Ask as You Do Your Research
Due diligence questions that are essential.

angry-man What NOT to Do When Talking to Franchisors
How to make a great impression on a franchisor.

Sports Fans With Giant Sandwich A Big Brand Doesn’t Guarantee Success
A well-known name isn’t everything – remember that.

discovery The Franchise Discovery Day
What to expect when you get invited to Corporate.

Types and Costs

Discover the types of opportunities and money required:

pondering2 How to Research Opportunities
A great resource you will want to bookmark.

lost and found Finding Money When Money Is Tight
Overview of funding sources to buy into an opportunity.

drive-thru Multi-Unit Franchising – What You Need To Know
Some opportunities involve multiple locations.

online-scam Work-At-Home Opportunities: Real Or Scams?
Don’t fall for biz opps scams!

Additional Resources

twitter-bird-dark-sm 25 Franchise Business Folks You Should Follow On Twitter
25 industry people to follow on Twitter, check them out!

pink-slip-2 Downsized? Franchise vs Corporate Employment
Are you really prepared to be a business owner or do you prefer a job?

attractive and ambitious businesswoman Why Aren’t More Women Interested In Franchising Opps?
Are there really gender differences? Important things to know.

Exceptional Person Required Is Buying A Franchise Really Buying A Job?
What would be so bad about buying yourself a job today? Absolutely nothing!

Mobile franchises The World Of Mobile Franchise Opportunities
More truck-based opportunities are popping up. Let’s take a look at them!

red box Machines: DVD Kiosks, ATMs, Photo Booths,Vending
The pros and cons of machines as opportunities.

How to Select a Franchise – EBook Version

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