Understand the Basics

We walk you through the basics on how to buy a franchise:

Introduction To Franchising
Definitions, and what it means to buy into one.

5 Fantastic Things About Franchising
You get a proven business model … and more.

Often Overlooked Benefits of Franchise Ownership
See some tax benefits of being a business owner.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Franchise
Why this option appeals to some, but not all.

Buying a Franchise

How to research an opportunity and conduct due diligence:

Questions To Ask as You Do Your Research
Due diligence questions that are essential.

What NOT to Do When Talking to Franchisors
How to make a great impression on a franchisor.

A Big Brand Doesn’t Guarantee Success
A well-known name isn’t everything – remember that.

The Franchise Discovery Day
What to expect when you get invited to Corporate.

Types and Costs

Discover the types of opportunities and money required:

How to Research Opportunities
A great resource you will want to bookmark.

Finding Money When Money Is Tight
Overview of funding sources to buy into an opportunity.

Multi-Unit Franchising – What You Need To Know
Some opportunities involve multiple locations.

Work-At-Home Opportunities: Real Or Scams?
Don’t fall for biz opps scams!

Additional Resources

25 Franchise Business Folks You Should Follow On Twitter
25 industry people to follow on Twitter, check them out!

Downsized? Franchise vs Corporate Employment
Are you really prepared to be a business owner or do you prefer a job?

Why Aren’t More Women Interested In Franchising Opps?
Are there really gender differences? Important things to know.

Is Buying A Franchise Really Buying A Job?
What would be so bad about buying yourself a job today? Absolutely nothing!

The World Of Mobile Franchise Opportunities
More truck-based opportunities are popping up. Let’s take a look at them!

Machines: DVD Kiosks, ATMs, Photo Booths,Vending
The pros and cons of machines as opportunities.

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