The Ultimate List of 203 Great Franchise Ideas

The Ultimate List of 203 Great Franchise Ideas

If you want to start a business but cannot come up with a great business idea, it might be time to consider buying into a franchise instead.

Why Should You Become a Franchise Owner?

Owning a franchise is like getting a jump-start on business ownership. Typically, the business model has already been proven and you’re not going to be going it alone.

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These pluses aside, there are both pros and cons to buying into a franchise. In addition, you may not be able to achieve the payout you want as quickly as you’d like. All in all however, the outcomes of owning a franchise can be tempting indeed.

Franchising Trends

In recent years, the franchise industry has been growing, often ahead of the rest of the economy:

  • In 2015, franchise businesses were growing at a rate faster than any other sector of the economy. And they created jobs at a faster clip, too; and
  • In 2016, U.S. franchises played a major role in creating employment opportunities.

In addition, if you’re either a veteran or a pro athlete, you can take advantage of special incentive programs when becoming a franchise owner.

So, Which Franchise Should I Buy?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? The answer depends on a number of factors such as whether the franchise chain is growing or shrinking.

To discover which franchise opportunities are out there, check out these franchise directories and to learn about a particular franchise, ask these five questions before buying in.

Make sure you only dive into buying a franchise when you have a full franchise marketing budget and plan in mind.

Finally, to learn about 203 great franchise opportunities, check out the list below.

Great Franchise Ideas – The Lists

Over the years, Small Business Trends has put together a number of franchise opportunity lists, each grouped by industry. Check them out:

10 Burger Franchise Alternatives to McDonald’s

If you can’t get enough of the hamburger, or it’s popularity, then here are 10 burger franchise opportunities aside from McDonald’s.

10 Coffee Franchises to Challenge Starbucks

Coffee is hot, and that’s not just referring to temperature. While it seems like Starbucks dominates the industry, these 10 coffee franchises believe differently.

10 Sandwich Franchises that Might Replace Subway

The days of Jared have come and gone so if sandwiches are your thing, consider these franchise opportunities.

12 Great Sushi Franchises to Take Advantage of This Culinary Trend

Want to open a sushi restaurant but don’t have years to learn how to be a sushi chef? These sushi franchises will help you get up and running quickly.

The Ultimate List of 203 Great Franchise Ideas - Sushi Franchises

13 Hot Car Dealer and Auto Parts Franchise Opportunities

If talking about and tinkering with cars are two things you love to do, you should take a look at this list of auto-related franchises.

18 Tea Franchises to Challenge Teavana

It’s always teatime at these tea franchises. Sound like heaven? Then check them out.

20 Pizza Franchises Challenging Pizza Hut and Domino’s

With as much pizza as is consumed in the Unites States, how could you go wrong owning a pizza franchise? Cash in on the demand by opening your own.

20 Refreshing Juice Bar Franchises to Consider

Whether you just finished a workout or want to cool off on a hot day, these juice franchises fit the bill. They’re popular too, so get in while the getting’s good.

20 Unique Restaurant Franchises for the “Foodie” Business Owner

Restaurants aimed at the “foodie” are sizzling these days and these unique restaurant franchises help feed the hunger for different, yet delicious, food.

6 Dirty Franchise Opportunities for You

Cleaning is one thing that will never go out of style. Take advantage of that fact by opening a cleaning service franchise.

A Look at Franchises Specializing In Security

Personal and business security has never been so necessary. Help customers feel safe with one of these security franchises.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure: The (Franchise) Business Of Junk

As George Carlin used to say, “We’ve all got too much stuff!” Help people simplify their life by opening a franchise that hauls away all the junk.

The World Of Mobile Franchise Opportunities

Like many businesses these days, you can run a franchise from the road. Here’s a list of some of the more mobile franchise opportunities.

Franchises For Preppers

Preppers like to be prepared for any emergency and that’s just what you’ll help them do if you open one of these franchises for preppers.

The Franchise Way To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a perpetual challenge for many people. Help dieters reach their goal with a weight loss franchise.

What’s The Scoop on Ice Cream Franchises?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream franchises. So, why not open one?

The Ultimate List of 203 Great Franchise Ideas - Ice Cream Franchises

What Types of Franchises Are There, And How Much Do They Cost?

Are you curious about the cost of a franchise? You’ll find the investment amounts for particular franchises in this post.

Work-At-Home Franchises: Real Opportunities Or Scams?

Finally, here’s a look at some work-at-home franchises and ways to protect yourself from scams.

Great Franchise Ideas – Individual Franchise Opportunities

The links below lead to posts that discuss one particular franchise opportunity each:

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