Boost Your Productivity! Offers Simple, Free Dictation Tool

Boost Your Productivity with the Free Dictation Software,

Use to quickly transform simple speech to text. It is free to use. is a quick and simple speech to text web app that relies on Google Chrome built-in speech recognition engine to transform your voice into digital text. Free Dictation Software: How it Works

This free to use app doesn’t require registration. It works a lot like Voice Typing in Google Docs. To start dictating, click the start dictation at the bottom of the app and start talking.

Boost Your Productivity with the Free Dictation Software,

Once you are done dictating, check text for typos and punctuation errors and if satisfied click the Save button.

You text will be saved in .txt format, which opens in notepad. However, if you want to quickly copy the text that you have on screen, just highlight the part that you want to capture and click copy. The text will be saved on your clipboard, which basically means you can copy it now to your Word document or you could still paste it on


You will probably love the fact that you can copy and even export text. It is also free and doesn’t need you to register. The app supports all languages available in Google Chrome.


The service is free to use, but it tends to lose phrases especially when you speak too fast. More so, it looks like it doesn’t punctuate text so you would have to go back and insert your punctuation.

The app also doesn’t offer keyboard shortcuts.

Overall, this app is best suited for shorter text as too much of spoken text was lost as the app tried to keep up with speech.


The free dictation software,, is a simple tool to use and the speech to text process is pretty straightforward, so you could use it whenever you want to quickly record speech to text.



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