15 Places to Find Free Music for Videos

Music is an indispensable element that elevates the emotional impact of videos. For video producers, finding the right soundtrack can make or break their projects. In this article, we’ll explore 15 valuable resources where you can discover free music for video projects, helping you captivate your audience without breaking the bank.

The Importance of Background Music in Video Production

Music holds immense significance in video production, particularly on platforms like YouTube. Music should be a big part of your strategy if you’re learning how to use video marketing. Thoughtfully selected music tracks can transform an ordinary YouTube video into a captivating experience, enhancing emotions, setting the tone, and keeping viewers engaged. Whether you’re using an animated video maker or shooting your own content, there are music options for nearly every type of content.

In this digital landscape, the right background music becomes a powerful storytelling tool for content creators seeking to leave a lasting impression. Here are some specific benefits for video creators and businesses to consider:

  1. Emotional Amplification:
    • Music possesses the ability to magnify emotions. A heartfelt scene becomes even more poignant with a melancholic track, while an adventurous moment gets an adrenaline boost with dynamic beats.
  2. Sets the Atmosphere:
    • Content creators can instantly establish a desired mood or setting depending on the chosen music. Be it a spooky, cheerful, romantic, or suspenseful atmosphere, the music lays the foundation.
  3. Enhances Storytelling:
    • Music guides the narrative, often acting as an unspoken commentator or an emotional companion to the story unfolding on screen.
  4. Viewer Retention:
    • Engaging background music can hold the viewer’s attention, reducing the chances of them clicking away and increasing watch time—a crucial metric on platforms like YouTube.
  5. Professional Touch:
    • High-quality background music lends videos a polished, professional feel, elevating them above amateur productions and indicating a higher production value.
  6. Pacing and Rhythm:
    • Music can control the pace of a video, making scenes feel fast-paced or drawn out. It also aids in transitions, smoothly guiding viewers from one segment to another.
  7. Branding and Identity:
    • Consistently using a specific musical style or theme can become synonymous with a brand or content creator, aiding in establishing a unique identity and making videos instantly recognizable.
  8. Enhances Silent Moments:
    • In videos where there’s no dialogue or significant sound, background music prevents dead air, maintaining viewer engagement and filling potential voids.
  9. Compensation for Audio Issues:
    • In instances where the primary audio has issues—be it background noise or uneven levels—a good music track can sometimes help mask these problems, ensuring the viewer experience isn’t drastically affected.
  10. Evokes Nostalgia:
  • Utilizing certain types of music can instantly transport viewers to a different time or place, triggering memories and making content more relatable.
  1. Global Appeal:
  • Music is a universal language. Even if a video is in a specific language, the right music can resonate with global audiences, making the content universally appealing.

In essence, background music isn’t just an accessory in video production—it’s an integral component. When used adeptly, it not only complements the visuals but also serves as a bridge between the content and the audience’s emotions, ensuring a more immersive and memorable viewing experience.

Sound Effects vs. Music Tracks: Elevating Your Content

Sound effects and music tracks are distinct yet complementary elements in content creation. While sound effects add depth and realism to scenes, music tracks provide emotional resonance and set the tone. When used together, they create a dynamic synergy, enhancing online content and elevating advertising campaigns, making the viewer’s experience more immersive and memorable.

Understanding Royalty-Free Music and Its Benefits for Online Advertising

Royalty-free music refers to music tracks that require only a one-time payment or are completely free to use, allowing the buyer to use the music indefinitely without any subsequent royalties owed to the original creator. It’s a licensing model that’s both cost-effective and user-friendly, as opposed to traditional music licensing, where royalties might be paid based on usage, views, or sales. Here are some benefits of royalty-free music in online advertising.

  1. Cost-Effective:
    • Traditional music licensing can become costly, especially if a commercial or advertisement gains significant traction or repeated airtime.
    • Royalty-free music, with its one-time fee, eliminates unexpected costs and allows for better budgeting.
  2. Ease of Use:
    • No need to track views, airtime, or sales to calculate owed royalties.
    • Simplifies the licensing process by removing complicated royalty calculation processes.
  3. Diverse Selection:
    • Many platforms offer a wide range of royalty-free tracks, catering to various moods, genres, and themes, allowing advertisers to find the perfect soundtrack for their content.
  4. Avoids Legal Complications:
    • Using copyrighted music without proper licensing can lead to legal disputes and hefty fines.
    • Royalty-free music minimizes these risks, as you’re essentially purchasing the rights to use the music as per the terms of the license.
  5. Enhances Content:
    • Music can elevate the emotional impact of an advertisement, making it more memorable and engaging.
    • With easy access to royalty-free options, creators can frequently update and refresh their content soundtracks.
  6. Supports Independent Artists:
    • Many royalty-free music platforms feature tracks from independent musicians, providing them with a platform for their work and a potential revenue stream.
  7. Budget-Friendly for Small Businesses:
    • Especially beneficial for small businesses or individual content creators who may not have the budget for expensive licensing deals or ongoing royalty payments.

In conclusion, for online advertising, where content is frequently produced, shared, and can potentially go viral, the benefits of royalty-free music cannot be overstated. It provides a balance between quality content enhancement and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that advertisements can resonate with audiences without breaking the bank.

What Does “Free Music” Really Mean for Your Social Media Platforms?

While “free” music might seem appealing, it often comes with hidden costs. Licensing restrictions can limit usage, leading to potential copyright issues when posting on social media platforms. Understanding the difference between “free” and “royalty-free” music is vital to avoid legal complications and ensure a seamless online presence.

Why Choose Royalty-Free Background Music for YouTube Videos

Selecting royalty-free background music is a smart choice for YouTube videos and broader social media content. It’s not only suitable for commercial purposes but also offers flexibility in usage, ensuring your videos resonate with your audience. Embrace the advantages of royalty-free music to elevate your content creation game.

The 3 Basic Types of Music Licenses

Understanding music licenses is crucial for content creators. Let’s explore the distinctions between three fundamental types and their implications.

Public Domain

Public domain music is free from copyright restrictions. It can be used without limitations, making it a cost-effective choice for content creators looking to avoid legal hassles.

Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music allows for a one-time payment and unlimited usage. It’s an affordable option that grants flexibility and peace of mind to creators.

Creative Commons License: Commercial vs. Non-commercial Use

Creative Commons licenses vary in their permissions. Some allow commercial use, while others don’t. Content creators must carefully choose the right license to align with their project’s goals and legal requirements.

15 Best Platforms to Find Free Music for Videos

In the digital age of video content, finding the perfect soundtrack can be a game-changer. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best platforms where you can discover a treasure trove of free music to help you create professional video ads and elevate your videos.

1. Free Music Archive

free music for videos

Free Music Archive offers a vast collection of diverse music genres, all under Creative Commons licenses. It’s a treasure trove for creators seeking free, high-quality music.

2. YouTube Audio Library

free music for videos

The YouTube Audio Library boasts a wide range of tracks, sound effects, and loops. It’s an ideal resource for YouTube content creators with music available for various video types.

3. SoundCloud

free music for videos

SoundCloud is a platform where musicians and artists share their work. It offers an eclectic mix of music, from emerging artists to established professionals.

4. Bensound

free music for videos

Bensound provides royalty-free music that’s perfect for corporate videos, presentations, and more. Their tracks are professionally crafted and versatile.

5. AudioNautix

free music for videos

With AudioNautix, you’ll find music suitable for a wide range of projects. The music here is royalty-free and can be used in videos, podcasts, and more.

6. MixKit

free music for videos

MixKit offers free music, sound effects, and video assets. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality resources, making it a valuable tool for content creators.

7. Jamendo

free music for videos

Jamendo is a vast library of music under various licenses, including Creative Commons. It’s excellent for indie filmmakers and YouTubers looking for diverse music options.

8. Netlabels

free music for videos

Netlabels on Archive.org features a unique collection of music from independent labels. It’s a hub for discovering underground and experimental music.

9. Uppbeat

free music for videos

Uppbeat offers a selection of royalty-free music designed for content creators. With its straightforward licensing, it’s a go-to source for enhancing videos.

10. Incompetech

free music for videos

Incompetech by Kevin MacLeod provides an extensive library of royalty-free music. It’s favored by many for its accessibility and wide variety of genres.

11. InVideo

free music for videos

InVideo offers a music library tailored for video content. It’s user-friendly and offers an array of tracks to amplify your videos.

12. ccTrax

free music for videos

ccTrax features music released under Creative Commons licenses. It’s an excellent resource for finding unique tracks for various creative projects.

13. Scott Buckley Creative Commons Music Library

free music for videos

Scott Buckley Creative Commons Music Library offers original compositions by Scott Buckley. These tracks are free to use with attribution, making them ideal for cinematic projects.

14. Musopen

free music for videos

Musopen specializes in classical music recordings and sheet music. It’s a valuable resource for those seeking timeless compositions in the public domain.

15. dig ccMixter

free music for videos

dig ccMixter is a platform where artists share remix-ready tracks under Creative Commons licenses. It’s a hub for innovative and collaborative music projects.

#PlatformDescriptionBest For
1Free Music ArchiveOffers a vast collection of diverse music genres, all under Creative Commons licenses.Creators seeking diverse, high-quality music.
2YouTube Audio LibraryProvides a wide range of tracks, sound effects, and loops.YouTube content creators.
3SoundCloudA platform for musicians to share their work, offering an eclectic mix of music from emerging to established artists.Discovering a mix of new and professional music.
4BensoundProvides royalty-free music tailored for corporate videos, presentations, etc.Corporate videos and presentations.
5AudioNautixOffers music suitable for various projects, including videos and podcasts.Diverse projects including videos and podcasts.
6MixKitProvides free music, sound effects, and video assets with a user-friendly interface.Content creators seeking high-quality resources.
7JamendoA vast library of music under various licenses, including Creative Commons.Indie filmmakers and YouTubers.
8NetlabelsFeatures unique music from independent labels on Archive.org.Lovers of underground and experimental music.
9UppbeatOffers royalty-free music with straightforward licensing.Enhancing videos with diverse music options.
10IncompetechBy Kevin MacLeod, provides an extensive library of royalty-free music across genres.Wide range of projects due to its vast genre variety.
11InVideoProvides a tailored music library for video content with a user-friendly interface.Video content creation.
12ccTraxFeatures music released under Creative Commons licenses.Finding unique tracks for various creative projects.
13Scott Buckley Creative Commons Music LibraryOffers original compositions by Scott Buckley, free with attribution.Cinematic projects seeking original compositions.
14MusopenSpecializes in classical music recordings and sheet music.Projects requiring classical music in the public domain.
15dig ccMixterA platform where artists share remix-ready tracks under Creative Commons licenses.Collaborative and innovative music projects.

Tips for Selecting the Right Free Background Music

When choosing free background music for your videos, consider the mood you want to convey. Opt for tracks that align with your content’s tone, whether it’s upbeat, somber, or dramatic. Pay attention to tempo as well; a fast-paced track might not suit a tranquil scene.

Ensuring Music Matches Video Tone

Selecting the right music for each video is among the top tips for creating marketing videos. To maintain viewer engagement, ensure your music complements your video’s tone. Happy tunes for joyful moments, somber melodies for serious subjects. A seamless blend enhances the viewer’s emotional connection, making your content more compelling.

Being Cautious of Licensing Restrictions

Don’t overlook licensing restrictions. Always review agreements to avoid potential pitfalls. Some tracks may limit usage or require attribution. Understanding these nuances ensures you can use your chosen music without legal hiccups, allowing your content to shine without worries.

FAQs: Free Music for Videos

Can sound effects be used interchangeably with music tracks?

Sound effects and music tracks serve distinct purposes. Sound effects add realism and atmosphere, while music tracks provide emotional depth. While they can complement each other, they aren’t usually interchangeable.

How do Creative Commons licenses impact YouTube channel content?

Creative Commons licenses can significantly affect YouTube channel content. These licenses vary, some allowing free use with attribution, while others restrict commercial use. It’s crucial for content creators to understand and adhere to specific license terms.

Are Stock Music tracks royalty-free?

Stock music tracks often come with royalty-free licenses, meaning you don’t pay ongoing royalties for their use. However, always review individual licensing agreements as some may have limitations or require attribution.

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