Freshworks Report Shows AI Boosts Productivity and Unlocks Higher-Value Work


Freshworks Inc. has unveiled its new Global AI Workplace Report, revealing substantial productivity gains and new opportunities for employees through the integration of AI in the workplace. This comprehensive global survey, conducted between March 9 and April 4, 2024, involved over 7,000 full-time employees. It highlights the rapid adoption of AI, with more than half of knowledge workers actively using AI-enhanced software at work.

The survey indicates a significant shift in how AI is perceived and utilized in various workplace departments. Over 55% of employees reported using AI-powered applications in their daily tasks. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters of respondents (72%) believe that AI adds value to their work processes, with 81% expressing trust in AI due to its ability to enhance work quality and boost productivity.

“This report exemplifies that AI is delivering tremendous productivity gains at enterprise scale,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks. “Knowledge workers are also seeing strong productivity gains at work, which in turn is sparking strong employee interest in mastering AI skills. Make no mistake, the AI era is firmly delivering on its promise to free up employees for higher-level work and showcasing compelling returns on AI.”

The report highlights that knowledge workers are experiencing notable productivity improvements. On average, employees reported saving nearly 3 hours and 47 minutes per week due to AI’s assistance in tasks like summarizing issues and suggesting next steps for repetitive tasks. This translates to almost 24 business days per year, allowing employees to engage in higher-value work and increasing overall job satisfaction.

Nearly all senior leaders (95%) using AI noted measurable business impacts, such as improved productivity (52%), enhanced work quality (47%), and better customer engagement (34%). However, 37% of workers acknowledged that their organizations lack effective metrics for assessing productivity.

Leaders are optimistic about AI’s future contributions, with 80% of senior executives predicting that AI software will demonstrate its value within two years. Respondents highlighted AI’s potential to streamline communication, reduce redundant email threads, and accelerate the creation of technical reports.

The survey also uncovered that many workers benefit from AI without fully realizing it. Around 40% of employees were unaware of the extent to which they used AI in their work. IT departments reported that nearly half of employees use AI-embedded software features like email autocomplete and meeting suggestions without recognizing it.

Despite this, a significant number of employees expressed confidence in their AI skills. IT professionals were the most confident (75%), followed by marketing (65%) and finance (52%) workers.

Embracing AI Skills

The enthusiasm for AI is evident, with 70% of workers seeking to enhance their AI skill set to remain competitive in the job market. Additionally, 37% of employees noted their companies are adopting AI due to fears of missing out on technological advancements.

Workers also see clear benefits to AI adoption, with 62% believing it will boost profitability and help companies stay competitive. However, there are concerns about AI replacing junior roles and increasing competition for entry-level positions, with 44% of respondents expressing such worries.

The report highlighted differences in AI adoption rates across countries. Surprisingly, the United States, despite being a top AI developer, ranked last in AI adoption (50%), trust in AI (59%), and comfort with AI (61%). In contrast, India and the United Arab Emirates led in AI adoption (75%), comfort (88%), and trust (86%).

Freshworks’ Global AI Workplace Report underscores the transformative impact of AI in the workplace. By significantly reducing workloads and unlocking higher-value tasks, AI is poised to revolutionize business operations and employee experiences across the globe.

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