Your Customers Want Unique Furniture But Don’t Want to Pay for Shipping

Furniture Market Statistics

Thanks to social media, many people now want to buy unique, picture-perfect furniture. But they also don’t want to spend money on shipping charges.

Furniture Market Statistics

According to Dream Décor Report 2019, “40% of consumers would turn to a major retailer like Amazon or Wayfair if a boutique retailer didn’t offer free shipping, though 11% of consumers had regretted buying mass-produced furniture from a major retailer like Amazon and Wayfair.”

For boutiques, small furniture retailers and home décor retailers, like you, it is a significant opportunity to grow.

You just need to cater to consumers who don’t want to go for mass-produced products and offer those consumers unique furniture items.

What People Feel About Their Furniture

Social media play an important role in our lives. Many of us tend to share our happy moments instantly on social media. So many people want to have picture-perfect furniture.

15% of consumers have felt that others judge their home décor and furniture, and 18% of consumers have felt pressure to have Instagram-worthy furniture at their homes, as found in the report.

What people feel about their furniture

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The report also states that 14% of people feel that big retailers have too many options, making it difficult to choose the right furniture.

Furthermore, many times, big retailers that often sell mass-produced products don’t have the furniture items people want to buy. And consumers end up buying mass-produced furniture.

11% of people, according to the report, regretted purchasing mass-produced furniture.

What Buyers want

Consumers want to have unique furniture. In fact, 25% of people agree that they would likey to buy furniture item that is not mass-produced.

What buyers want

Are people ready to pay more for a unique furniture item?

Yes, they are!

31% of people are ready to pay more than their intended budget if they find the perfect item, the survey reports.

How Small Furniture Retailers Can Boost Growth

Small furniture retailers or home décor retailers don’t sell mass-produced products. So there is a huge scope for them to grow their business if they focus on improving their shipping process.

People want to buy a unique piece of furniture but not only they expect free delivery but they also want quick delivery.

How small furniture retailers can boost growth

Small retailers can delight their consumers by adoption shipping innovations.

In a time when 65% of retailers are going to offer the same-day-delivery by the end of this year, no consumer wants to stay in the dark when it comes to getting their furniture delivered.

Here are some shipping innovations to win your consumers’ heart:

  • Offer first-to-final mile delivery
  • Provide live tracking option
  • Provide instant final quote at checkout
  • Try to minimize shipping charge

Kris Lamb, CEO of uShip, says, “It’s never been more important for retailers, big and small, to focus on the entire customer journey.”

“In our experience, boutique retailers have a lot to offer the Instagram-loving, digital-first customer in terms of desirable items, but struggle to compete with fast, free shipping. We hope these insights will help boutique-style retailers address the growing needs of a solid buying experience,” he continues.

The Report

The survey was conducted online by the third-party research firm YouGovPlc. 1227 people (aged+18) participated in the survey. 330 people of the total had purchased an oversized piece of furniture in the past year.


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