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gas saving apps

Gas can end up costing a lot, both for businesses and for individuals. For businesses that have a company car, truck, or a small fleet of either, it can be challenging to budget and account for gas. Especially with so many varying rates across different locations, it’s not always easy to manage that expense.

Finding the cheapest gas around can be incredibly beneficial for your business both in the short term and the long term. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best smartphone apps to help small businesses on how to save money on gas at the pump and pay less.

12 Best Smartphone Apps to Save Money at the Pump

1. Gas Buddy

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Fuel – Apps on Google Play

GasBuddy is one of the best smartphone apps to find the best gas prices. It’s a community-based app that helps you find cheap fuel options based on location and cost. The app also tracks gas consumption, which can be incredibly helpful for businesses looking to manage their budget and find cheap fuel quickly when on the road. GasBuddy is a comprehensive gas app that can be very useful for road trips and long routes.

Available on: Android and iOS

2. Gas Guru

Gas Guru: Cheap gas prices – Apps on Google Play

Gas Guru uses a lot of different information sources to find cheap gas, including the oil price information service, to ensure that you’re getting the most accurate prices possible. Gas Guru can be incredibly useful for those on the go since it not only finds cheap gas but also allows users to organize locations for quick access. Gas Guru information also includes information around amenities available at gas stations, adding a bit more value.

Available on: Android and iOS

3. Waze

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation – Apps on Google Play

Waze has a little bit of everything, making it a very valuable app for businesses with employees always on the road. Waze includes gas information, navigation, and traffic alerts, making it the perfect gas app for long and short road trips.

For those seeking options to find the cheapest gas, Waze can be a valuable app to check prices and traffic news in one place during a road trip.

Available on: Android and iOS

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog | Receipts to Cash

Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash – Apps on Google Play

Using a gas station receipt, you can get cash back on purchases such as groceries and gas, thereby allowing businesses to recover some of the cost of gas. Receipt Hog is a great way to better understand fuel usage, overall fuel economy, and gas patterns while getting cash back through a PayPal or Amazon gift card on purchases. You can save money on gas through this method and use Receipt Hog as a gas app to understand spending patterns for expenses logged at grocery stores and gas stations.

Available on: Android and iOS

5. Get Upside

GetUpside: Free app for cash back on gas, groceries & restaurants | GetUpside

GetUpside: Save BIG on gas and food – Apps on Google Play

One of the most popular gas apps out there, GetUpside, has a lot of benefits. A free app, GetUpside is also a cash back app, enabling users to get 25¢ per gallon back in cash. The app shows eligible gas stations where cars can fuel up and get cash back on their purchases. Most major gas stations are participants, making it easy to find a qualifying station and save money on gas. In addition, drivers can make purchases with credit cards or a debit card, so it’s easier to track and manage gas consumption as well.

Available on: Android and iOS

6. Gas Manager

?Gas Manager on the App Store (

Gas Manager offers a variety of cost-saving features to help businesses save money and help drivers save time on the road. For example, the app allows users to create detailed dashboards to understand fuel economy, consumption patterns, spending, and more to get total oversight on how gas price affects business and where money is being spent. The app also includes traffic updates, which is good for businesses since it can help assess carbon footprint, gas mileage and per gallon travel, and average travel to make better spending decisions moving forward.

Available on: iOS

7. Map Quest

MapQuest: Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation – Apps on Google Play

Mapquest has been around for a long, long time, and it still provides a lot of value for users. Mapquest can be used on a road trip for GPS navigation, directions, maps, and more, making it one of the best apps to save both time and money on the road. The mobile app also enables access to roadside assistance and helps find gas stations and cheap gas in the area. Mapquest is a great app for drivers since it has a host of helpful features that can help out with multiple aspects of being on the road.

Available on: Android and iOS

8. Route4Me


Route4Me takes a slightly different approach to saving money on gas, as it’s more of a route optimization app. Best used for car fleets and truck networks, Route4Me uses dynamic route optimization technology to map out the best possible routes for journeys, ensuring that gas and time are saved in the long run. Mobile route planning ensures that drivers are taking the best routes possible and journeys can be tracked, thereby ensuring that fuel consumption is monitored and improved based on the routes being taken.

Available on: Android and iOS

9. TruNow


TruNow is one of the best gas apps around as it helps users find local deals on gasoline prices, restaurants, groceries, and much more. It’s a great way to price check gas while also getting cash back for qualifying purchases. Users simply need to snap a picture of their gas purchase and upload it to the app to start getting cashback. TruNow helps customers save on gas, as well as other expenses that can be incurred on the road, making it great value for businesses looking to derive additional value for their business.

Available on: Android and iOS

10. Fuelly


Fuelly helps drivers drive smarter, as it’s one of the most comprehensive gas apps available. With Fuelly, businesses can track, share, and compare their vehicle to understand spending patterns, fuel consumption, and fuel economy to improve operations.

By understanding the cost incurred with fuel consumption and driving patterns, businesses can save money on gas in the long run and look for ways to find cheap gas along routes and drives. Plus, Fuelly provides access to community data to help drivers find the cheapest gas prices around and provide insight into mileage and consumption to make better decisions around cost.

Available on: Android and iOS

11. is a great app for businesses looking for a vehicle management solution that allows deeper insight into fuel economy and consumption. With, businesses and drivers can keep a fuel log and add costs and mileage to understand patterns and consumption with By having all that data in one place, businesses understand how gas is being consumed and the associated costs. Businesses can create a better strategy for route optimization to ensure that costs don’t skyrocket. For businesses looking to save money on gas and understand how vehicles are being used, apps like are a great option.

Available on: Android

12. Gas Station and Fuel Finder

Gas Station and Fuel Finder

Gas Station and Fuel Finder is best for a road trip to help drivers save money on gas when driving. As the name might suggest, this app helps drivers find gas stations and nearby fuel options. Gas Station and Fuel Finder is not a cash back app like some of the other apps mentioned in the list. Instead, it helps drivers find gas based on location. Drivers can search through the list and on a map to find cheap gas near them. Multiple databases are used to find the locations for gas stations, and customers can use it worldwide.

Available on: Android

More Ways for Businesses to Save Money at Gas Stations

When it comes to saving money on gas, businesses can find other ways to save money on gas alongside using apps. By understanding consumption patterns, driver habits, routes, and more, businesses can save money on gas in the long term while optimizing for costs.

Some of the ways businesses can save money at gas stations include:

  1. Vehicle management: Having a comprehensive system that allows for tracking vehicles can help with understanding routes, issues, and what cars consume more to help make better decisions moving forward.
  2. Route Optimization: Gas costs tend to increase if drivers are taking inefficient or longer routes. By optimizing routes to shorten where possible, businesses can start saving more on gas costs as drivers take better routes to get to where they need to be.
  3. Join a gas rewards program: By getting a gas card and other rewards options, businesses can save on gas while also getting cash back and other benefits from their purchases.
  4. Vehicle maintenance: Poorly maintained cars will inevitably consume more, which is why regular maintenance and servicing are absolutely vital to save money in the long run.
  5. Keep purchases on a credit card: Like the earlier point about rewards programs, keeping gas purchases limited to a credit card with cash back and other bonuses can also help businesses save money while tracking expenses better.
  6. Keep an eye on prices: Gas prices are always going up and down, so it’s important to plan shipping routes and logistics alongside gas prices. Where it’s forecasted to be higher, cars can be limited, or businesses can shift schedules as needed. Having a dynamic plan to manage gas prices can help with saving money as routes are planned.
  7. Encourage responsible driving: To keep consumption optimal, it’s important to remind employees and drivers to drive responsibly. Measures can include less speeding, using cruise control where appropriate, and reducing drag and friction as that can impact fuel levels. Responsible driving can help with saving money on fuel.
  8. Think about fuel grade: Keeping an eye on fuel grade and what drivers are using to fill up cars in the first place can also be useful to keep costs down. Encourage using cheaper gas where they can at gas stations and to be mindful of price when filling up to ensure that gas costs do not go too high.

What is the best gas savings app?

There are many amazing gas saving apps currently available for Android and iOS. One of the best gas saving apps is Gas Guru. It collects lots of information from different sources to help users find cheap gas and provides accurate pricing to ensure users get the best value possible when at the gas station. For those looking for the cheapest gas, Gas Guru can be very helpful.

What app gives you money for gas?

Many apps give you money for gas through cash back deals and gift cards. Many offer gift cards from popular businesses such as Amazon and PayPal for purchases. Apps that give you money for gas include:

  • Receipt Hog
  • GetUpside
  • TruNow

Is the GetUpside app worth it?

For those on the road a lot, GetUpside can be very useful and worth it. GetUpside is a cash back app that ensures customers get money back through their purchases – up to 25¢ per gallon. It can be worth it to use to get money back from purchases – thereby saving on cost. However, the cons are that purchases need to be made at eligible gas stations to qualify, which might be challenging for some. Receipts also need to be uploaded for each purchase to get cash back, which can also be difficult.

Is GasBuddy or Upside better?

GasBuddy and Upside are both useful apps for those trying to save money on gas. GasBuddy is extremely helpful for finding and comparing the best gas prices based on their location. Upside, however, is a cash back app that gives customers money back when fuel is purchased from a qualifying station. Therefore, GasBuddy is better for those looking to find the cheapest gas, while Upside is better for those less concerned with price but want money back on their gas purchases.

Are gas apps worth it?

Gas apps are worth it for a variety of reasons. They provide great information on how to find the cheapest gas in any location and can help with saving money on fuel. Gas apps can also provide additional insight into consumption, mileage, and more to give drivers a full picture of their vehicles and patterns to help with saving more money on gas in the long run. Gas apps such as Waze and Mapquest also provide additional features such as GPS navigation which add further value to the experience.

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