Gather Your Sales Team — The Latest Edition of Small Business Trends Magazine Available Today (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Gather Your Sales Team — The Latest Edition of Small Business Trends Magazine Available Today (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The latest edition of Small Business Trends magazine is out today and you can get your FREE download of it right now.

In this month’s issue, we’re talking about sales. It’s a critical part to any small business — it’s impossible to survive without them — and it’s one area where many struggle.

If you’re one of those small businesses that seems to come up short of sales goals every month or quarter or year, you’re going to want to get your hands on this edition of the magazine.

We’ve got great sales tips to help your company get on the right track. Learn what best practices make your sales team click. Or what are some things you can do in your own sales efforts to help close more deals? Small Business Trends’ Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead breaks them down in this month’s cover story.

Also inside, we’re talking about China. No, it’s nothing about world security, but about your company’s future potential there. We’ve got coverage from our visit to the Gateway ’17 conference last month in Detroit. The event was hosted by Alibaba Group and keynoted by its founder, Jack Ma.

Did you know that China’s middle class has grown to 300 million people? Ma tells us how your company can begin selling in China and the things these Chinese consumers want. It’s a great read from our staff writer Annie Pilon, who attended the event alongside Small Business Trends CEO and publisher Anita Campbell.

That’s just the start of what’s inside this month’s issue of the magazine.

Check out how to grow your content marketing business and even some great contests that will properly motivate your sales team.

It’s all inside this month’s Sales edition of Small Business Trends magazine, available for download right here.

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