Getting Bloggers To Blog About You

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Getting the attention of bloggers is one way to get word out about your business today. This marketing is part of building your brand and is an important part of making any small business successful. Here’s how…


Getting bloggers to blog about you. Bloggers are busy like everybody else these days. They also just might be the key to getting your new business talked about on the Web, however. So how do you break through the throng of people trying to get their attention and become a blogger magnet for your brand? Noobpreneur

Making the most of marketing. It isn’t as easy as it looks. Marketing takes creativity, know-how and just plain old hard work. So, how are you going to market your small business effectively? See this case study for more. Buzz Small Business Magazine


What you’re not doing on YouTube could be hurting your brand. The Internet’s leading video site can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. But failing to use your YouTube channel effectively means your marketing is unlikely to succeed. Resonance

Social Media

How to use LinkedIn. Here’s another perspective about how to use the Internet’s top professional site. We’ve posted tips before on this topic but here are more tips you may wish to add to your social media arsenal.

Tips for Facebook success. It’s the brightest star in the social media constellation, but knowing how to effectively harness FB for your small business needs takes a firm understanding of how the site really works. FixCourse

Is Twitter still worth it? There’s a growing sense among some small business people, particularly solo entrepreneurs, that this microblogging platform might just not be as useful to them as it once was. What do you think? Solopreneur


Do you have a small business Christmas wish? Here 27 entrepreneurs share the wishes they hold in their hearts this Holiday season. Won’t you share them with a friend or add one of your own in the comment section below? Dr. Shannon Reece


How will you create your brand? Let us tell you, it’s harder than you think. Luckily there are others who have tread this road before you and can offer some sage advice that may keep you on the right path. Entrepreneur

A few small steps to your ultimate brand. No, a great brand doesn’t happen immediately no matter what the gurus might say. Here are some simple steps you can take to bring your small business brand into focus. M4B Marketing

Compelling copy will make your business. You may think the content you create doesn’t matter much when it comes to your business, but in fact the originality of your content speaks volumes about the quality of your brand. Step BY Step Marketing

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  1. Thanks for including FixCourse on this list! Hope my post was helpful! 🙂

  2. I believe that if you blog about them, such as an interview with set questions you can send them,then you stand a better chance of them reciprocating.

  3. This is a great article for small businesses. It’s hard work to begin your own business and even harder to find the time to manage and market in all the areas you need. After establishing a contact, you must give them a way to keep in touch, then keep them engaged. That could be by adding them to your newsletter – which Constant Contact provides templates for – or telling them to find you on Facebook or by some other method. Then it is maintaining fresh and engaging content on sites like Facebook, and responding to comments and other activity on your business’s page which not everyone has time for.

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