Getting to Work in Small Business

Getting to work in your small business is the key to success. Small businesses don’t run themselves. This much we know! But how do you know if you’re on the right track, doing what you should to get your business to that great place. Here are some tips we hope will help. Enjoy!

Customer Relations

Why you need more than search marketing. If you’re like many small business today, a substantial part or perhaps all of your marketing may be done online. You’ve know doubt heard of the importance of search marketing. Here’s something else you should consider as well. Website Magazine

Why now is the right time for a customer review. You may have dreaded or even avoided them in the past but rest assured customer reviews are critical for your company’s survival. Do you know what your company thinks of the service you provide? You should! Here’s how to find out for sure. Sound Web Solutions Blog

Tools of the Trade

How to create a killer Webinar. The benefits of a great Webinar for your business are many from sharing value, to establishing your expertise to building a following and mailing list. But a bad Webinar won’t help your reputation or draw more people to your Website. Your Office Guru

A new kind of business card. Do you still have your business and logo on a small white card designed to be passed out at Chamber events? You may be behind the times. Is the business card as a means for business identification a thing of the pass? Check out the new online business card, your own new digital business identity. todaymade

Management Tips

Getting the most out of small business benefits. If you offer your employees a benefits package but don’t feel it’s being properly appreciated or even fully understood by your employees, here’s a step in the right direction that can quickly bring your employees into the process. Giving your employees a greater say and greater appreciation for the workings of your benefits program will eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications in the long run.  Grow Smart Biz

Advice on small business partnerships. It’s true that sometimes you can’t do it alone and at those times it can sure help to have an extra voice and some help in decision making. Maybe someone to help get the work done too. You may think you’ve found the perfect working relationship, but, of course, all relationships take work. Here are questions to help you decide whether this is the right one for you.


Changing your focus. One business owner tells the story of re-evaluating his existing business with the ongoing challenges of the economy and figuring out a new focus based on the part of his business that is growing and the part that is not. Have you taken a hard look at your business lately. Is there something you could or should change to make things better. You’re the Boss

From blog to business. Sometimes the best ideas come at us from know where. Certainly blogs can serve as business tools, but can your blog become a business too? Small businesses come in many forms but all focus on creating value first. Think about what you have to share. Then open yourself to the possibilities and don’t be surprised what results.  Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Final Thoughts

Product pitching tips from Fabio? The Italian model, who is now associating himself with Old Spice, may have graced the covers of plenty of romance novels but he also knows a thing or two about pushing products in a career that also includes quite a few jobs as spokesman for a variety of brands.Wall Street Journal

Making the most of social media. Social media platforms, in particular, Facebook, offer a much greater opportunity to successfully marketing your product, brand or service than you might at first realize. Here are some thoughts about getting all you can out of your business’s Facebook presence. Huffington Post

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