Getting Your Small Business Ready for the Holidays

They’re coming. The Holidays will be here soon and getting your business ready is a major undertaking. But with a little planning and some creativity you can get your team, your marketing and your productivity on track and start focusing on flourishing this Holiday season instead of just surviving. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Getting Ready

It’s that time again. The Holiday’s are on the way and you’ll need some time to get your small business ready. Do you have a plan to get you through…or better yet to get you started. Here are some tips and ideas to firm up your Holiday preparedness. Marketing Blog

Creating your online Holiday review strategy. With the Holiday season about to arrive, it is so important that your business is ready on every level to take advantage of what’s heading your way. And, of course, this should include a strategy for your online presence. What have you got planned? Small Business Trends

Holiday Business

Is your team ready for the Holiday season? It’s just around the corner and, depending on your business, the Holiday season can be a particularly busy and stressful time for your staff. Don’t make the mistake of believing that your people and business can handle it without a better plan. Marketing Blog

When the Holiday IS your business. While many businesses see an uptick during the Holiday season, for some the Holiday really is their business. Take this gallery of photos from a Spring City, PA, haunted house that makes all its money during the Halloween season. WSJ

Shipping Department

Holiday mailing deadlines you must remember. The Holidays can change everything  for your business, especially when it comes to shipping. Other businesses are trying to fill orders and send out packages at the same time you are. Enough problems will already arise with shipping during the Holiday season. Don’t make matters worse by ignoring Holiday deadlines. Marketing Blog

More shipping and online sales. FedEx is anticipating a 12 percent bump in shipping this Holiday season. Why should you care? Well, the increase may be largely attributable to customers shopping more e-commerce sites and other online stores. If you have an online business, get ready for the increase. WSJ


Remember seniors this Holiday season. It’s great advice for small retailers but probably for plenty of other small businesses too. A report suggests seniors are one customer group not to be ignored this year. And small businesses can use all the customers they can get. Small Business Trends

‘Tis the season to be prepared. Amongst the problems faced by small business owners, especially startup entrepreneurs, when the Holiday season rolls around, is being unprepared by the increase in demand the Holiday season brings. Here are some of the ways the Holiday rush can take an entrepreneur completely by surprise. WSJ


Tips for Holiday marketing. It’s not too soon to start putting the finishing touches on plans for your Holiday marketing campaign. Proper execution can be one of the most important factors in its success. Here are some tips that can make a difference. Entrepreneur

Top Christmas tips for small biz Websites. As we mentioned earlier, some predict that this Holiday season could be a good one for e-commerce and Webstores, even in a challenging economy. If you have a store or any kind of business online, don’t blow it. Some simple steps will at least get you ready for Christmas. Power Retail

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