Give Us Your Twitter Tips!

Twitter tips We’re holding another one of our “roundup” posts where we ask for your tips and advice. This one will be about using Twitter in your business.

We invite you to submit a tip.  Then we’ll include it in our roundup of “Tips from the Trenches: How Small Businesses Get the Most from Twitter.”

It’s excellent marketing exposure for you.  It’s also a wonderful way to learn from others.

To participate, all you need to do is answer one of the following questions:

  • Getting Started: How would you suggest other small businesses get started on Twitter?
  • Smart Marketing: What’s the right way (or wrong way) to promote your business on Twitter?
  • Observing Etiquette: What is your #1 Twitter etiquette tip for small business owners?
  • Spreading Your Message: What is your best tip for getting re-tweeted?
  • Time Management: How do you manage your time on Twitter?
  • Advanced Strategies: What is your best kept secret (something not widely known) for using Twitter in business?

Just pick one of the above questions, and answer it.

How do you participate?  Just get your tip to us using one of the following methods:

Leave a comment below with your tip.

Or, email it to me:  Or, tweet it to me: @smallbiztrends.

Or participate in our tweetchat session on Wednesday evening, May 13, 2009, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern time (New York time) and share your tip then.  To participate in the tweetchat, just log on to Twitter at the appointed time and search for the hashtag #BIZTWIT to follow the tweetchat.  Or go to, log in, and go to the chat room for #BIZTWIT.

It does not matter how you get the tip to us — just send it!  We want to hear from you.  Then, later on, once we have all the tips, we’ll compile them into an easy-to-scan post and a downloadable document you can share.  Please join in — I hope to see YOUR tip.  Deadline for submitting a tip is May 23, 2009.  {Deadline extended.]

UPDATE:  To sweeten things up, I am giving away a beautiful new HP netbook computer to one lucky person who submits a tip.  We’ll enter everyone’s name and randomly draw one person to receive a new HP 1116NR netbook computer.  As you may know, I love my little netbook and even wrote about it (which the Best Buy site picked up and republished over there!).  The model I am giving away — the 1116NR — is different from the one I own.  The HP 1116NR is a newer model.  It has a 8.9 inch screen with 1 GB of memory, 16 GB hard drive, built-in webcam, valued at around $300.  Netbooks are fabulous for traveling and using at the local coffeeshop.  So be sure to leave a tip and be entered in our drawing to win this wonderful little workhorse.  Giveaway is limited to U.S. residents.

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