GoDaddy and WooCommerce Introduce Integration for Online Shop Owners

GoDaddy and WooCommerce Integration Big News for Ecommerce Shop Owners

There’s a new one step way to set up a small business eCommerce site using WordPress. GoDaddy recently announced a WooCommerce integration.  It makes the process easier for GoDaddy WordPress users.

This new tool combines several features like hosting services. It’s great for SMB owners who don’t have digital experience and/or a big tech department.

Latest Innovation

Small Business Trends contacted Gabe Mays, Head of WordPress at GoDaddy, to find out more about this innovation.

He stressed how the move will make setting up an SMB website smoother.

“This integration makes it easier for WordPress users. They can set up their website by simplifying how they get their online store up and running,” he wrote.

Customizable Design Themes

“Given GoDaddy’s pre-populated and customizable design themes, WordPress users can now get their stores operating in a much quicker and efficient way with just one click.”

GoDaddy’s WordPress users choose from these themes and get access to  WooCommerce extensions. The value is over $1,500. There’s an added bonus of payment security through free auto-managed SSL. Another thing busy entrepreneurs don’t need to worry about.

This does away with the need for regular site re-keying and recertification.

No Plug-In Needed

As well, you don’t need a plug-in to use WooCommerce. The brand-new on boarding process combines a bunch of things you need to do like hosting and other features into one single step.  Mays provides some numbers to back up this claim.

“We’ve been able to reduce the number of steps a user needs to take by 70 percent compared to some alternatives.”

Why Small Business Needs to Pay Attention

Small business owners want to make sure they’re getting everything they can from their online footprint. Problem is, time is always short and lots of small business owners don’t know where to get started. This partnership makes getting the advantages of Go Daddy and a powerful e-commerce engine like WooCommerce seamless.

Cost Reduction

“Costs and barriers to entry to selling online with WordPress drop,” Mays writes. “We also understand entrepreneurs’  time is valuable. That’s why GoDaddy aims to provide the best tools so small business owners can spend less time managing their website.”

More Good News

There’s more good news beyond this announcement for ecommerce businesses and even brick and mortars with an online presence. That’s the fact GoDaddy is committed to simplifying the way businesses go digital.

“This is just the beginning,”  Mays says “The number of people looking to sell online with WordPress is growing.  Our commitment to our customers is growing too.”


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