GoDaddy Expands GenAI Prompt Library to Boost Small Business Support


GoDaddy has expanded its Small Business Generative AI (GenAI) Prompt Library to boost small business support and success. This enhanced library now offers over 185 prompts and introduces new features and languages, making it easier for entrepreneurs to leverage GenAI in their daily operations.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with GenAI

Keeping up with GenAI advancements can be daunting for small business owners. GoDaddy’s expanded GenAI Prompt Library ( simplifies this process, providing tools to help entrepreneurs tackle common business challenges.

“GoDaddy’s GenAI Prompt Library is a powerful tool for small business owners interested in leveraging GenAI but don’t know where to start,” said Eugene Ware, Director of Engineering and Machine Learning at GoDaddy.

The new prompts in GoDaddy’s library are designed to be more interactive. When copied to a GenAI chatbot, these prompts now ask for specific information such as the business name, target audience, and location. This interactivity ensures that the output is highly relevant and useful.

The library now features a clip-to-copy icon, streamlining the process of transferring AI prompts from the library to a chatbot. This feature saves time and enhances usability.

To address a broader range of business needs, 43 new prompts have been added across five new categories:

  • Ad Campaigns: Includes prompts for display, print, radio, search engine marketing, and social media campaigns.
  • Branding: Covers audience research, brand kits, personality, tone, and voice.
  • Data Analysis: Helps with analyzing customer feedback, reviews, sales data, and support requests.
  • Loyalty: Focuses on recurring revenue, renewals, and customer retention.
  • PR and Outreach: Provides prompts for campaigns and press releases, local SEO citations, media outreach, and sourcing news outlets.

GoDaddy is committed to keeping the GenAI Prompt Library impactful and relevant. The company will continue to evaluate prompts, monitor trends, and use real-time feedback from users.

In addition to the expanded English-language library, GoDaddy has launched versions in India, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and Brazil, supporting Spanish and Portuguese languages.

How to Access the GenAI Prompt Library

Small business owners can start using GoDaddy’s Small Business GenAI Prompt Library to enhance their operations by visiting

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