GoDaddy Launches Get Found, Google Takes Hit on Motorola Sale

GoDaddy launches

There’s big news every week that can affect your business. The Small Business Trends editorial team makes sure you get it all. Here’s our weekly roundup:

New or Rebranded Services

GoDaddy launches Get Found. GoDaddy launches Get Found as a new feature. It’s actually an evolved version of a technology GoDaddy acquired last year. We now see it put to use so large and small business can get attention on the Web.

Microsoft renames SkyDrive. Microsoft’s cloud service will soon be called OneDrive. The change is the result of an infringement suit filed by UK broadcaster BSkyB.


Google Takes $9.5 Billion Hit on Motorola. In case you haven’t heard yet, Google has announced intentions to sell Motorola to Lenovo. And the company took a big hit on the deal when you consider what the company paid for this business in the first place. But there’s another side to the story.

ThinkHR Acquires HR That Works. Actually the two companies claim it’s more of a merger. HR That Works Founder Steve Phin takes a position on the ThinkHR management team and a lot of the two companies’ resources are combined.

Social Media

Twitter is planning eCommerce move. The microblogging platform is apparently in talks with payment processing startup Stripe to handle the back end. But PayPal was also reportedly considered.

Is Tumblr traffic leveling out? Of course, we’re talking about active users here, not accounts, which sources say are still increasing. Still, Tumblr says reports trying to count their active users are missing the mark.

Now, animate your Pinterest with GIFs. They are popular files on many sites including social media these days. And now Pinterest has decided to support them too. So how will this change the site’s dynamic?


Get your Google grants. If you’re a non-profit, that is. Amanda DiSilvestro provides more information on the funding that’s available from the tech giant and how your non-profit can access it.

12 grant recipients celebrate. These businesses received $250,000 each, a combined $3 million in funding, from Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants. But they’ll also be traveling to Google headquarters in California for a course to help market their businesses better.


There’s a new contender for worst password. In this  case, making the list is no honor. It indicates your password was weak enough to have already been guessed by hackers. Fortunately, there are some suggestions for making your pass code stronger.

Linksys offers cameras for your small business. If you’re responsible for security at your business, these cameras may interest you. Small Business Trends publisher Anita Campbell has more on the new Linksys products.


Dealing with Chinese currency fluctuation. If your small business deals with Chinese partners or vendors, be aware. Fluctuations in the exchange between the two currencies can add to the costs. Small Business Trends publisher Anita Campbell reports on some solutions.


Speedzone Performance built from a passion for premium parts. We profiled this Florida business in our first Small Business Spotlight sponsored by iCIMS, provider of talent acquisition solutions for growing businesses.

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  1. I think that Tumblr will be around for a long time. It has its fan base and it is an easy blog tool to use.