The Benefits of Going Live on Video for Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

going live on video for your business

Did you know that by 2028, global revenue from live video will reach $184 billion? The popularity of live video streaming is gaining popularity, bringing multiple opportunities for brands and marketers to put products and services in front of the right people, and become more efficient and productive.

The Benefits of Going Live on Video for Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

To shed light on the growing popularity and importance of ‘going live’, eyeson, a provider of fully integrated video conferencing and telehealth solutions, has compiled an infographic on the growth and power of live video. The infographic has been developed by NowSourcing, specialists in Infographic design.

Consumers Want Live Video

79% of consumers interact with live video at least once a week. 33% interact with live video at least five times a week, while 58% are more likely to trust companies that embrace live videos. With these stats in mind, brands that are not experimenting with live video could be seriously missing out on what is becoming an increasingly sought-after way for customers to engage with businesses.

Live Videos and Business Operations

The infographic also looks at how live video is being used as an effective way for businesses to communicate with remote teams and operate. 75% of CEOs say that video conference calls will entirely replace audio-only conference calls. 45% of remote teams use video calling tools daily or weekly, and a similar number (43%) of remote and in-house teams use a video conferencing solution.

More Than Meetings

The research explores other key areas in that live video is being used by different sectors. Real estate, for example, hosts the highest number of webinars per year. 57% of marketers used live video in 2019. B2B is increasingly relying on live video. 73% of B2B brands report positive results to the ROI when using live video to connect with clients.

When it comes to recruiting and training, live video is proving advantageous. eyeson’s research found that 47% of webinars are related to onboarding and training for employees and customers. 86% of companies say they carry out employee interviews over video calls, the research found.

As the infographic shows, there are multiple ways live video is helping small businesses become more efficient and productive while increasing their presence and reach to a wider audience.


Image: explore.eyeson

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