Google Purchase Competes with Instagram

Here’s another snapshot of the ongoing rivalry between Google and social media giant Facebook. Picture this: As we reported earlier, Facebook purchased Instagram, the photo sharing social app. Not to be outdone, Google has snapped up Nik Software, maker of photo editing and sharing app Snapseed. Businesses of all kinds must do the same. Embrace innovation to keep up with your competitors. In a race to compete for customers, don’t let the result be a photo finish.

You’re on Candid Camera

Picturing the future. Google’s acquisition of Nik Software says it all. A week after Facebook’s purchase of Instagram was finalized, Google announced bringing the San Diego-based Nik Software into the fold. The company’s app lets users edit photos, add filters, and share the finished product on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and through e-mail. Sound familiar? PC Mag

Innovation at the Speed of Awesome

Bringing it all back home. From its inception, Google has used acquisitions of smaller tech startups and even larger established companies like Motorola to fuel its vision. Whatever the company cannot find within itself, it looks elsewhere to acquire. Sometimes innovation is simply a matter of finding new partners. The Verge

Fighting for independence. Amazon is innovating in a very different way, trying to develop its own online maps independent of Google. This isn’t the first time the online retailing giant has gone head to head with other tech companies. Its series of e-readers represents an entrance into the tablet market, showing the effort to compete through innovation is live and well. Engadget

It’s Your Turn, Small Business

Looking for approval. Over the last few weeks, Jakarta-based entrepreneur Ivan Widjaya has been rethinking his flagship site, founded back in 2008. Among other problems Widjaya recognized is that his contributors, while numerous and diverse, have not always been of the quality and credentials he might have hoped. Changing this will take his business to the next level. Noobpreneur

Counting up the calories. Fast food giant McDonald’s may not be a small business, but the thousands of franchise owners who operate McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. sure are. Franchise expert Joel Libava reports that soon these restaurant owners will display calorie information on all restaurant and drive-thru menus nationwide in response to a more health conscious market. The Franchise King

Moving on to mobile. Online businesses that once worried about traditional search engine optimization have been hit with what may be the greatest shift since online marketing, the mobile revolution. But how different is creating a smartphone-optimized Website, and what changes do you need to be sure your Website is ready? Marketing consultant Jacob Dawson takes you through the steps to better mobile SEO. iBlogZone

Building up your sales team. If you’re worried your sales team isn’t up to the challenge of a changing business to business marketplace, you may be correct. It turns out many of the old sales techniques won’t work in an era where smoothing out the buying process is the priority. It’s time for successful sales people to focus on a new approach. ASG Group

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  1. This kind of wrap-up post is great. You get good reading material in one place. I didn’t know about Candid Camera. I have to check it out, as an avid user of Instagram! 😉

  2. Thanks for revealing another Google owned service, I think I would never be able to list the services owned by the big G and now you are telling that it’s even competing the Instagram where they already have touched the 100 million user base recently.